Corrected entry: When Lucy is hearing the tune that Ben made up for her poem, she has no idea what the tune will be. However, even though he played the first few bars, she still knew exactly how the tune went. She should have had NO idea. The only explanation would be that she could read the piano music, but then she would have to know how to sing it right that second.

Correction: When Lucy is graduating at the beginning of the film, a teacher says to her that she hopes she will continue to study music after high school. This suggests that Lucy has a talent for music and it is therefore entirely possible that she can "sight read" music, and sing it straight away as it appears on the page.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the car breaks down, and Lucy asks what year the car is you can hear a woman's voice say "73". It definitely doesn't match Ben's voice.

Correction: It doesn't sound like Ben's voice because Mimi says '73', not Ben.

Corrected entry: When Kit goes to see her boyfriend and finds out that he's cheating on her, she punches him the way Mimi taught her to. However, at that moment Mimi was running downstairs and couldn't see the punch. Later in the hospital after she loses her baby, Mimi tells Kit that her punch was great- but she hadn't even seen it. (01:18:55 - 01:23:35)

Correction: Mimi turns around just a little as she is running down the stairs.

Corrected entry: When Lucy is visiting her mother, as she is asking her mother about her brothers while looking at the pictures if you look at the picture with her mother it she is wearing the same shirt she is in the picture as she is in the scene.

Correction: Most people wear the same shirt over and over again. All that means is that she just happened to wear the same shirt that day as she had the day the picture was taken.

Corrected entry: When the foursome are in the car during one of the driving scenes, an overhead shot clearly shows them in a procession of about 4 cars. However, when their car breaks down and pulls over to the side of the road, the road is suddenly absolutely deserted.

Correction: When the car starts to break down, they are on a main highway, but they pull off onto a side road. That is why the cars disappear. You can see the main highway from the car after they park it.

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie, when Lucy is dancing in her bedroom, the door is y wide open. Soon after, her Dad opens the door, despite us not seeing anyone close the door. The door should still have been open.

Correction: The door that was open was not the door that her father came in. The door that was open was to the left of the bed from camera view, whereas the door that the father came in, was in front of the bed.

Dan Sgambelluri

Corrected entry: During the scene where the four decide to camp out under the stars, Kit has her hair in rollers before she goes to bed. The next day when they are at the vendor selling dream catchers, her hair is perfectly straight. So she slept with the rollers in for no reason, which would have been very uncomfortable.

Correction: Any hairstylist knows putting relaxed hair on large rollers does not make curls, it makes it easier to bend and control. Kit was just putting some style into her hair, not neccessarily curl it.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the scene when the three girls are in the bathroom, Mimi has a pink toothbrush that keeps disappearing and reappearing from behind her ear. (00:23:40)

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Mimi: Well, Kit and I voted and you lost.

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Suggested correction: I'm not really sure this would count as trivia considering how obvious it is. Ben even turns it into the song at the end of the movie.


It's trivia in the sense that's it's pointing out it's a real song Spears recorded before the film, as opposed to something made up for the film. It has nothing to do with Ben turning it into a song at the end. Since this isn't a Spears biopic, it should be trivia.


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