Continuity mistake: Toward the beginning of their drive, while the girls are singing "Bye, Bye, Bye" the position of the window behind Mimi keeps changing. Sometimes it is all the way up, then it is part-way down, then back up again.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the scene when the three girls are in the bathroom, Mimi has a pink toothbrush that keeps disappearing and reappearing from behind her ear. (00:23:40)

Continuity mistake: When the car was broken down and the girls are about to fight, Britney is on top of the car about to get off. If you look closely at her, she gets off the car two times. (00:30:20)

Continuity mistake: While at the hotel in LA and Kit is talking on the phone, Mimi can be seen in the background unpacking her bag. A one point Mimi walks on camera, looks in and around the stuff on the bed then turns to someone off camera and shrugs and by her mouth you can tell she is saying "Where?". Whoever she is talking to is not another character, as all the others can also be seen behind her. (01:09:05)

Continuity mistake: When Lucy, Kit, and Mimi are singing "I love rock 'n' roll" Lucy has glitter eye shadow on, but when the get to the motel that same night, she has on blue eye shadow.

Continuity mistake: When Ben, Mimi, Kit and Lucy are in the waffle house talking, you see Ben is eating a sandwich, in some shots he is holding the sandwich, then it is on the plate, then he is holding it again.

Craig Bryant

Continuity mistake: After the first motel stop, Lucy and Ben are talking and the camera pans back and forth between the two. Each time it hits Lucy her purse straps have magically repositioned themselves on her shoulder, without her help.

Continuity mistake: When they are singing "I Love Rock N Roll" at the end of the song Britney is standing in the middle of the stage with the girls behind, then she is on the platform with the poll, and she keeps going back and forth. (00:37:15)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they first start traveling towards California, you can see that in one shot Ben's car has a rearview mirror, but in the next shot there is no rearview mirror. It goes back and forth like that several times before they go to the diner to count their money supply.

Continuity mistake: In the car when Ben is telling the girls about why he was in prison you can see that Kit is braiding Mimi's hair but in the next scene when Britney is debating on whether she's going to call her mother to give her notice, Mimi's hair no longer has the braids in them. When they are dropping Lucy off at her mothers house the braids are back in again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Lucy, Mimi, and Kit are digging up the box they had buried earlier in the movie, look at the first thing that they pull out. It is a Barbie that belonged to Kit with nothing under it. Soon you will see a locket, key chain with a globe on it, folded piece of paper, and a picture. Where did those items from, there was certainly no space left in the area. (00:08:00)

Continuity mistake: When the car pulls up to a hotel in Alabama, the sign underneath the hotel name reads "vacancy". When they show Ben and Lucy talking outside, the sign has changed to "no vacancy". In the next shot, it is back to "vacancy".

Continuity mistake: After the girls spend a night in that fancy hotel after the Karaoke contest, in the morning Lucy leaves with blue pants on. When Ben falls asleep in the back of the car, Lucy is shown wearing gray pants.

Continuity mistake: At the start of the movie, in the scene where Kit and her gal pals are walking down the carpet in their prom dresses and Lucy is standing at the bottom of the stairs leaning against the banister - you will notice that behind them a little in the distance is a guy and a girl. Kit and her friends walk past Lucy and after they have gone, next shot Mimi is walking up to Lucy, as if she was walking behind Kit and her friends the whole time. You will notice that behind Mimi is that couple that were behind Kit and her friends. Where did Mimi come from? She definitely wasn't behind the girls.

Continuity mistake: When Mimi, Kit, and Lucy are looking out of the bathroom door at Ben right after Kit tells them that he killed a guy once. When you see Kit looking out of the door she has her toothbrush in her mouth. When they shut the door and you see them talking in the bathroom again she has the toothbrush in her hand and then puts it in her mouth.

Continuity mistake: 2/3 of the way through, in the scene when Kit is on the phone with her boyfriend, you see Ben and Lucy on the bed working on a song. Lucy is lying on the bed writing words down. The scene cuts from Kit on the phone to shots containing Lucy. When you see Lucy sometimes she is lying in a position with her head down on her arm and sometimes she is up on her elbows. The scenes are switching back and forth very quickly and looks funny because how the heck is the song getting written with her flopping all over like that?


Continuity mistake: Throughout the scene when the three girls are in the bathroom, Mimi has a pink toothbrush that keeps disappearing and reappearing from behind her ear. (00:23:40)

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Mimi: They said I lost the baby. Lost it. Like it was my keys or something.

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Suggested correction: I'm not really sure this would count as trivia considering how obvious it is. Ben even turns it into the song at the end of the movie.


It's trivia in the sense that's it's pointing out it's a real song Spears recorded before the film, as opposed to something made up for the film. It has nothing to do with Ben turning it into a song at the end. Since this isn't a Spears biopic, it should be trivia.


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