The Royal Tenenbaums

Corrected entry: When Chaz, Ari, Uzi, Royal, Margot, and Richie go to the cemetery to see Royal's mother's grave, they also go to see Chaz's wife. On the tombstone, the years read "1985-2000". That would mean that she died at the age of 15. When they show her in the slideshow earlier in the movie, you are able to see that she was older than 15 when she died. (00:38:15)

Correction: The gravestone says "1965-2000", which is an appropriate age for the character, so this is not a mistake, you just read it wrong.

Corrected entry: At the end Richie is hit in the right eye, but a bandage is later seen over his left eye.

Correction: No, it isn't.

Corrected entry: The seasons are terribly mixed up. At one point, it is winter, then you see Royal and Ethel walking in the park during spring, then Ethel is getting out of a cab in summer, after which, Royal is forced to leave the house and it's back to winter, complete with snow. Also at the end of the movie, the wedding is in the summer, but the final scene on the roof was obviously shot in late winter/early spring.

Correction: The continuity, or lack thereof, of the seasons in the movie is deliberate. The different seasons are meant to reflect the various mood changes in the movie, not the actual changes of the seasons.

Corrected entry: Margot's wooden finger is only there when people are talking about it. In most scenes, she has all her fingers intact, most noticeably when she smokes.

Correction: This is untrue. A careful viewing of the movie shows that she has the wooden finger on at all times. The original poster probably mistook her other hand for the hand that should have the missing finger. If there really is a mistake in this movie concerning the wooden finger, a specific scene or timecode should be cited. Otherwise this mistake should be discarded.

Correction: Eli has his face painted in a war paint fashion. Some of the paint is red, but you can see it's not blood because it's all formed in straight lines. After he crashes the car, you can see which is blood and which is the paint.


Corrected entry: When Richie is in Raleigh's bathroom, and he's cutting his hair you can see that it's not cut even all over. Also he's only shaved one small part of his scruffy face. When he is in the hospital recovery room with his family standing all around him his hair is all one length and his face is smooth like it was just freshly shaved.

Correction: The hospital finished cutting his hair and shaving his face to make him look presentable for his family.


Continuity mistake: The first time Margot is in the bathroom the doorknob is on the left side of the door. The second time she is shown in the bathroom with her mother, the doorknob is on the right side of the door. (00:11:15 - 00:19:20)

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Margot: I think we're just gonna to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that.

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Trivia: The announcers at Richie's tennis match are actually director Wes Anderson, and Luke and Owen Wilson's brother, Andrew.

Dr Wilson

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