Trivia: When Dumbo receives a bath from his mother, the soap bubbles form a "Hidden Mickey."


Trivia: When Timothy Mouse falls into a bucket of champagne, he emerges drunk and hiccups pink bubbles, which form a "Hidden Mickey."


Trivia: The sequence with the multi-coloured elephants was based on an unused plan from Fantasia.

Trivia: This was the first Disney film to be released on video cassette.

Trivia: Timothy Q. Mouse's name is never spoken in the film. The only time his name is mentioned is in a newspaper photograph signing Dumbo's contract towards the end.

Trivia: Dumbo is the only character in this film who does not speak.

Trivia: Mrs Jumbo only ever speaks once in the whole film, when she says Dumbo's original name.

Continuity mistake: When the elephants in the circus are making a pyramid on top of a ball, as it changes from shot to shot the colour of the blankets on their backs changes, and one of the elephants changes from grey to blue.

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Elephant Matriarch: Out of my way, assassin.

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Question: Are there any official names for the elephants (other than Dumbo and Mrs. Jumo)?

Answer: All the elephants are credited as "Elephant." The only difference is "Matriarch Elephant."

Sol Parker
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