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Corrected entry: With 15 minutes left in the movie, the bikers jump on a gas truck to steal some gas. They put a hose into the top of the truck. The gas just starts flowing. They would have to create a suction first to create the siphon effect where the weight of the fuel in the line would then continue the flow.

terry s

Correction: Johnny, the boy who's at the bottom of the truck, does create a suction for the pipe (even accidently taking some in his mouth). No goof there.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: After Nightrider and his girl lose control of their car and skid around the crashed truck while flames shoot out the back of their car, you can see that for about 2 seconds that he and his girl have been replaced with crash-test dummies. (00:12:00)

Correction: The scene is very short and out of focus. We can make out two figures bobbing about in the car as it 'skips' sideways out of control (and we can assume actors would not be in a car being intentionally destroyed), so it is very likely dummies are aboard, but they simply can not be recognized as such visually in the scene as shown.


Corrected entry: When the bikers arrive in the town and line up in front of the building, one of them takes off his green helmet; then in the next shot, he has it back on.

Correction: Nope. The green helmet never comes off. A quick close-up shows Toecutter removing his black helmet, then the shot widens to show the green helmet guy still has his on, and Toecutter is in the middle of the pack ahead of us, helmetless.


Corrected entry: As Max runs the two bikes off the road, you can see the rods on the right side of the screen pulling them off the bridge.

Correction: The two bikes are driven off the bridge by the stuntmen riding them. There is no equipment of any kind in the shot and none was used. I suspect the submitter watched a fullscreen version and mistook the straight-leafed plants at the right as being some type of 'rods'.


Corrected entry: Max comes to see Goose in the hospital. When Max goes into the room the clock in the corridor reads 4:00. After what seems to be seconds or minutes, without any indication of a lengthy passage of time, Max leaves the room. Yet the clock now reads 4:52. (00:46:45 - 00:48:15)

Pat Patterson Premium member

Correction: We have no way to say for certain how long Max stays in the room, since after he pulls back Goose's cover, the movie cuts. So to say that Max only stayed in the room for "seconds or minutes", is an assumption. He may have stayed there a lot longer.


Corrected entry: When Toecutter smashes into the front of the truck near the end, slow-mo it and carefully watch the front of the truck. It appears there is some sort of shield on the front of the truck painted to look like it's real. Perhaps due to the budget they didn't want to damage the truck, but it's still a mistake. (01:25:50)

Correction: If you have to use slo-mo to see it, and it's not visible in the regular play of the movie, it's not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When Max and Goose find Johnny the Boy stoned at the destroyed car, he has a leather jacket and a scarf on. They arrest him. Then in the following scene in the Halls of Justice, he's wearing a gray suit. He didn't have an opportunity (or even the time) to change.

Correction: Even in the near future of a world where gas is rare, Justice takes time. There is obviouly a lapse of several days, as Johnny the Boy has managed to cut his hair, and aqquire and brief a public defender.

Corrected entry: All the while when Max is lying on the road reaching for his side-by-side, he had a perfectly good revolver holstered under his arm. When loosing the 12 gauge he should have just drawn his side arm, which he never once used in the entire movie.


Correction: Given how streetwise Max is, he must know he has a revolver and he must have a good reason for not using it. Perhaps he has no ammunition or it simply may not work and be there for show. After all, many things are in short supply.


Corrected entry: When Toecutter and gang are at the beach, Toecutter first fires one shot from the shotgun in the air, and shortly Johnny shoots twice at the mannequin, but it is a two barrel shotgun and there has been no time to reload.

Correction: Johnny Boy has the double barrel, but another gangster, either Bubba or the Toecutter has a hand pistol in their hands. Thus, over 8 shots could have been fired. It does not show who fired the other two shots, the next cut merely shows Johnny Boy leaning on the shotgun.

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Johnny the Boy: Whacked right out of his skull man! He ain't never comin' back.

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Trivia: Amongst the taunts that the Nightrider shouts to the police on the CB is a verse of the song "Rocker" by AC/DC.

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Question: Although we see that the biker gang has about 20 members when we first encounter them, why does Max only kill 7-8 bikers after his family is run down?

Answer: He kills the members of the gang directly involved in the attack on his wife/child, and the one who ordered it.

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