Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Visible crew/equipment: In one scene Ace is drumming large mushrooms supposedly growing on the side of a tree. When Ace knocks only one off (the very last mushroom, he hits it off the tree completely and you see) a metal spike that held all the mushroom props in place visible on the tree.

Continuity mistake: When Ace is solving the case in front of the guy that hired him, the guy is playing chess with no-one at all. Then Ace takes big steps towards him, moves a piece, then when the camera cuts back to the guy playing chess, all the chess pieces are gone, no sign of them whatsoever. Then they reappear later.

Visible crew/equipment: When Ace is fighting in the "Circle of Death" the little guy picks him up and throws him over his shoulder.When he lands in the dirt you can see a rectangle shape under him flex, complete with tiny dust clouds rising up, from the air being expelled from the mat.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie, the consul is talking to Greenwall and pours himself a glass of alcohol. The camera zooms out and you see the bottle of alcohol is only 1/4 filled on the table. Then Ace rides in on the elephant along with other animals. A couple of seconds later one of the animals knocks the bottle of alcohol over and you can see it's now almost completely full.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie, when the consulate general is escaping with the bat, he drives off in one of the vehicles located off to the right, in front of the house. Ace chases him in the monster truck, which was also located on the right. However, when they flash to the shot where the consulate general notices Ace is following him, they show Ace approaching from the left of the shot, and not the right where the other vehicles are still parked in the background.

Continuity mistake: When Ace spits on the Wachatti Chief, they all come out of the hut covered in snot. But, when the camera pans back to Ace he is completely clean while the others are still covered, although he was covered when he came out of the hut.

Continuity mistake: When Ace is shooting off his blowpipe at the tribesman balancing on the totem at night, you can see there's nothing coming out the pipe's other end when he blows.

Visible crew/equipment: When Ace and Greenwall are headed to the Chancellor's for the first time in the Jeep, you can clearly see the stuntman instead of Carrey, when the car is airborne and in a slow motion action shot.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the Jeep is flipping, in one shot, the door flies open and reveals that Ace is wearing jeans. Ace doesn't wear jeans throughout the whole movie showing that this is a stunt double. When the car falls in the parking spot, Greenwall seen through the door is very obviously a dummy.

Continuity mistake: After Ace says "I think I lost 'em" while running from the dart blowers, four darts hit him in the back, but in the next shot when he exclaims "Heeeeyyyy." there are five darts in his back.

Factual error: When Gadji hears Ace imitating a gorilla, he says 'Silverback'. In the next scene he says to Mick 'Female'. A silverback is the dominant male in a gorilla group, named for his coloring. See

Continuity mistake: In the 'circle of death' scene, after the small tribesman has bitten Ace's hand, Ace shouts something about biting. In this shot, he throws off his watch - you have to look very closely to see this. Later in this scene, his watch is back on his wrist, most obvious when he is pointing at 'the do'.

Continuity mistake: When Ace and Greenwall are driving towards the consulate, just after Ace says 'Now if I can just find a parking spot' he flips the Jeep. From the shot inside Ace turns the wheels sharply to the right, in the shot of the Jeep outside the wheels turn sharply to the left before it flips.

Continuity mistake: After Ace claims the alignment to be off in the Jeep driving through the jungle, Greenwall has his right hand up on the ceiling of the Jeep, but in the next shot where he yells at Ace, it's back down at his side.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, after the monk gives Ace the medallion, we see a front shot of Ace grasping the medallion with his fingers bent around it. The shot then changes to a sort of side shot of Ace and a front shot of the monk. In this shot, we can see that Ace is no longer grasping the medallion, but holding it with his fingers open. When the shot changes back to Ace's front, his fingers are no longer open and he is once again grasping it with his fingers.

Continuity mistake: Ace watches two villains through a metal grate while inside the rhino, but when it shows the rhino from the outside, there is no visible grate. Also, if there were one, light from it should be seen as well as the ray of light coming from the rhino's posterior.

Continuity mistake: When Ace is inside the robotic rhino, the fan stops working. Soon after, when the shot focuses on Ace, he has a strand of hair on his forehead. The next shot it is not there, but in the next shot it is.

Continuity mistake: During the Circle of Death fight, Ace is hit with two spears, one in each leg. When he falls backwards onto the ground, the spear in his right leg remains straight up, while the spear in his left falls flat on the ground. The warrior then walks over, steps on Ace's groin, and yanks out the spears, both sticking straight up in the air.

Ace: Tell them what I'm saying. [To Wachootoo tribe] I come in peace.
Ouda: White devil say, "I will harm you."
Ace: I couldn't help but notice that Eqinsu Ocha part. Did you just refer to me as White Devil?
Ouda: This how they know you.
Ace: Leave that part out from now on. [To tribe] I represent the princess.
Ouda: I am a princess.
Ace: War is hell. The last thing we want is a fight.
Ouda: I want to fight. So go to Hell.

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Trivia: Until Dumb and Dumber To, this was the only sequel Jim Carrey ever did to one of his own movies. He doesn't like to do sequels but did this one due to popular demand.

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Question: Greenwall says that the warrior must stand on the tower for five days. Wouldn't he die of dehydration?

Answer: Not if somebody climbed up and gave him some water to drink.

Answer: As someone else said, somebody could give him water. The test might be more about staying in one place and denying himself the daily activities and pleasures of life - not having access to his usual amount of water and food.

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