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Corrected entry: In the last scene where that lady walks in and that guy is in the bathtub dead, it shows the guy with his hand in the bathtub but when it shows it again, the hand is on the wall with blood all over it.

Correction: He cut himself, wrote it with blood and then he died.

Corrected entry: When the grown-up Richie is driving by the paramount, it says "RIP Richie Tozier, Born 1950 Died 1990" but if the part when they are kids occurs in 1958, then he is younger than Eddie. But he is supposed to be older, not younger. If he was younger he'd be only 8 but he is getting out of 6th grade.

Correction: The text is put there by IT, who doesn't necessarily have to know when Richie was born.

Correction: This movie doesn't take place in 1958. They changed the year to 1960 and instead of It coming back every 27 years like in the book they changed it to coming back every 30 years.

Corrected entry: In 1960, the children say that they are either 11 turning 12, or are already 12. In 1990, they say that they are 40, therefore lose 2 years of their life.

Paranoid Android

Correction: They just round the ages, at some point they reference the fact that they are "in their forties" No one cares if an adult is 40 or 41 or 42, it isn't a mistake... It's an unneeded complication of writing and conversation. At no point does anyone say they are precisely 40.

Corrected entry: The part of the movie when they are kids is supposed to take place during the summer, but many of the scenes take place in school. They would not be in school during summer vacation.

Correction: Some places have school year round, such as the city I moved from 2 years ago. Kids still only attend the same amount of days, but the holidays are spread throughout the year, a week at a time, so one week they will be in school, the next they may not. Another possibilty is; the kids were in summer school.

In the book, they all encounter IT in some form or another before they get together as a group (in the summer). They are probably flashbacks - showing when the kids first encountered something supernatural, back in the school year.

The whole book is set in summer, and they were not all friends yet until the summer. However, in the cafeteria scene it shows all the members of the loser's club sitting together.

Corrected entry: In the shot where the woman finds her dead husband in the bath, there is a plant pot outside the bathroom which has the clown's red nose and his bobbles from his top as the flowers.

Correction: While sharing some minor similarities with Pennywise the plant is not meant to have anything to do with the clown. As revealed on the audio commentary it is just a lamp which is only one of many odd objects in the Uris home.

Corrected entry: When Henry is in the psychiatric hospital, Belch comes out from under the bed and his head leaves a long mark on the floor; in the next shot, it's gone.

Correction: I just watched the movie and I couldn't see any mark. It's not on the DVD version.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the end of the movie where they just killed IT and Audra comes sliding down off the cave wall into Bill's arms,she's covered in web as she's falling but when the scene cuts to Bill catching her in his arms,there's no web on her at all.

Correction: That's deliberate. The web was part of It's magic, with It dead the magic vanishes.

Corrected entry: Pennywise appears in the basement to Richie as a werewolf because he was scared of the werewolf in the film. But in the cinema scene we see that Richie isn't scared at all, it is the little asthma kid who's afraid.

Correction: Richie wouldn't want to let on that he is scared.

Correction: Eddie Kasprak (the asthma kid) saw It in the form of a leper as he was a hypochondriac and terrified of illness due to his overbearing mother. This doesn't stop him being scared of a monster movie in the 50's though.

Corrected entry: When they are in the hotel they all talk about everyone having the Derry disease when no one will help. But in one previous scene, a man tells the three bullies to stop when they are bullying the black kid. So not everyone has the Derry disease.

Correction: Obviously they were making a blanket statement about the residents of Derry. I think they're allowed to exaggerate a bit considering what they've been through, but they didn't mean every single person in the town, just most.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the children are down in the sewer toward the end of Part I, young Stan is repeating his scout's oath over and over. His lip movements don't match the sound.

Correction: I interpret that scene like this: Stan doesn't even seem to be mouthing the words to his oath or anything else, but just looks like he's muttering to himself with subtle mouth movements. The words of the oath that are heard by the audience seem to be Stan's inner thoughts, not ones said aloud. It is not uncommon for one to move his or her mouth slightly while thinking intently about certain words or phrases.

Corrected entry: When the grown up kid go back to the town one of the men sees It the clown digging graves. All the graves had crosses above them. he asks the man to pick one, except the one on the end which had Stan in it. But Stan was Jewish so shouldn't he have the Jewish star above his grave?

Correction: There is only one grave with a cross above it, and that was Stan's. I don't think Pennywise would've cared what religion Stan was...he was just driving the point home that Stan was dead.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Ben is happily walking to the library after school and repeating "Beverly Marsh, Beverly Marsh", we see Henry Bowers, Victor Criss, and Belch Huggins leaning against a rail waiting for Ben...wasn't Henry supposed to stay an hour after school for making fun of Ben during class when Ben was introducing himself? Surely Ben wasn't standing there gaping at those snobs making fun of Beverly's dad for an hour?

Correction: It should be obvious at this point that Henry and his gang are a bunch of punk juvenile delinquents...I doubt Henry would've voluntarily stayed after school for detention.


Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the film, in the first flashback, Georgie is sailing a paper boat in the rain. In several spots it is obvious the rain is fake. For as heavy as the rain is, there is a lot of bright sunlight on the ground. Real storms' overcast conditions prevent this. Also, the rain is falling in waves, as if being sprayed from something, not falling from clouds.

Correction: It often rains when the sun is out. By the shadows all over the ground, you can tell that most of the sky was overcast. This is a normal occurence.

Continuity mistake: When they are in the library after they found out Stan committed suicide, it shows Beverly stand up but when it cuts back to her she is sitting down and stands up.

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Bill: He thr-thr-thr-thrusts his fi-fi-fists ag-ag-against the pos-posts and...
Ben: He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts. That's all it says over and over.
Bill: Th-th-thats w-w-what m-m-my m-m-mom g-gave me t-to h-help with my st-st-stutter.
Richie: I hate to tell you buddy, it ain't working.

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Trivia: Tim Curry admitted that while he enjoyed working on the film, he was ultimately disappointed by the finished product, mainly due to the ending. He felt the final creature (a massive spider) was poorly executed and a massive let-down, and lacked any sense of fear or suspense.

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Question: Tim Curry is said to appear as two different characters, Pennywise and Richie's boss, but I couldn't see him as the second. Where does he appear?

Answer: I fear you may have been misinformed. He only appears as Pennywise in the film.


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