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Corrected entry: When Frodo pulls Sam into the elvish boat after saving him from drowning, you can see Sam's foot for a second, and you see he doesn't have his hobbit feet on. Sam pulls his foot under his cloak right away to hide it. Nevertheless, it is noticeable and a bit funny.

Correction: We can only see the sole of his foot, so it's not obvious that he has his hobbit feet on, but they are definitely there. Sean Astin has often talked about getting cut by glass when they filmed this scene, and that getting medical attention was made more difficult because he had his feet on.

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Corrected entry: After Frodo and Sam encounter Merry and Pippin in the farmer's crop, they roll down a hill. At the bottom, Pippin almost gets a face full of animal dung, and there is a close up of him close to it and he says 'That was close' so you know it was there. The hobbits get up to gather mushrooms, and the huge pile of dung has disappeared.

Correction: The pile is hidden from view by vegetation when seen from the angle that the next shot uses.

Corrected entry: In the mines of Moria Frodo is stabbed by the cave troll. He falls to the floor and the spear is shown. The camera cuts away and then returns and the spear has gone.

Correction: When the camera returns, we only see part of Frodo ? where the spear should be is out of the shot so of course we don't see it.

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Corrected entry: When Gandalf battles the evil wizard, Gandalf's staff is taken from him and he is therefore defeated. Gandalf is placed atop a large column until rescued by the giant bird. Once united with Frodo again, however, Gandalf's staff is by his side.

Correction: Gandalf doesn't regain his staff, he has two different staffs. The branches on the tip of the first one are almost straight and there's a spot for his pipe to fit. On the second one the branches on the tip are bent to one side. Both can be seen in pre-release pictures.

Corrected entry: When Galadriel pours water from a pitcher into the fountain, three set lights can be seen reflected in the pitcher.

Correction: All you can see in the reflection are three points of light; there's nothing to indicate what type of lights they are. They could easily be lanterns - there are many of them in Lorien.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Boromir is giving sword-fighting lessons to Pippin and Merry, someone throws Aragorn an orange, which he catches in his hand (and subsequently drops), but, considering the direction from which the orange was thrown, none of the other characters can have thrown it.

Correction: Merry could throw an orange to Aragorn in that time. He is not visible, because he's behind Frodo, so you can see him right after, when he is looking at Aragorn.

Corrected entry: When Gimli the Dwarf tries to smash the ring to pieces at the council of Elrond his axe breaks into small pieces instead. In a shot shortly after, when the fellowship is decided, he promises his axe and his company to the fellowship, but this time the axe is completely whole.

Correction: He does not grab his own axe, he grabs the axe of the dwarf next to him.

Corrected entry: When Gimli is going on about finding their way to Mordor through Emin Muil, you can see Sam sleeping in the background with both hands wrapped around his sword. In the next shot when you see Sam, the sword is by his side, and only one hand is even near it.

Correction: This is not a "mistake". Watch Sam exclusively during this scene. At first he is lying quietly against the rock. A moment later, he shifts about briefly to adjust the sword, presumably to get more comfortable. Shortly after that, he lies back again into stillness with the sword in a slightly different position.

Corrected entry: When the Ringwraiths have found the hobbits again at Weathertop, they all draw their swords at the same time and point them at the hobbits. Frodo falls over, and then pulls out the ring, one of the Ringwraiths looks at him and then draws his sword. Didn't they already draw their swords?

Correction: The ringwraith has two swords, a regular one and a Morgul Blade, which he uses to stab Frodo.

Corrected entry: After Frodo pulls the ring off for the last time, he falls off the stone ruins, and lands on his back. He then immediately jumps up, having no reaction to his fall. It seems like after falling a distance of about six feet and landing flat on his back, he'd need a minute to recover from the wind being knocked out of him, or hitting his head. (01:16:55)


Correction: He's a bit hesitant getting up, and panting, plus we've been told many times that Hobbits are sturdy creatures.

Corrected entry: At the end, when Aragorn leans over to kiss Boromir's forehead, watch Boromir. When Aragorn's hair touches his face, Boromir closes his eyes tight.

Correction: He definitely doesn't. There is a moment when a strand of Aragorn's hair passes over his eye that could be confused for this, but Boromir's eyes remain the same.

Corrected entry: When the Fellowship crosses a mountain ridge, just before Frodo falls in the snow and loses the ring, there is an aerial shot - where's Bill, the pony, in that shot?

Correction: He's there - just a little difficult to see. Look in the middle of the party - if you look carefully (and freeze-frame doesn't hurt!) you can see him in both the aerial shots and the ones from Aragorn's / Frodo's POV, ie. the bottom of the slope.

Corrected entry: As the orcs pursue the fellowship through the large hall in Moria, the camera's position sweeps to the right and we see orcs popping up from the floor in the foreground and giving chase. The view is cut by a pillar, and when it returns those orcs have vanished.

Correction: The camera is tracking along in this shot and the original orcs go off screen.

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Corrected entry: Aragorn has a ring on his right index finger with a marquise shaped stone. When we first see it, as Boromir is teaching Merry and Pip to fight, it is whole. Next as Aragorn prepares to draw his sword on Boromir if he does not return the ring to Frodo, it is broken. After the Fellowship is buried under snow, we see it again and it is whole. Finally we see it as Aragorn lets Frodo go, and it is broken again.

Correction: The ring is never broken - the detail on it can be seen from different angles at times, but it stays in one piece throughout the film and can be seen many times in The Two Towers as well.

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Correction: You can see Frodo's lips move if you look carefully. They just don't move that much. You can see it more the second time he says Aragorn.

Corrected entry: When the Fellowship first sets off they are on top of a mountain and the bird spies are approaching, Boromir says that it can't be a cloud because it's blowing against the wind, when quite clearly his hair is blowing in the same direction as the shape is moving.

Correction: The *prevailing* direction of the wind is from behind Boromir. This does not mean that the wind cannot shift momentarily and blow his hair in a different direction, particularly when he is standing near many large rocks and outcroppings that would cause eddies and swirls in the wind's patterns.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sam is chasing Frodo into the river, there is a shot of Sam sinking in slow motion. However, you can see that the water surrounding him is murky with sand. That proves that his feet are touching and kicking the bottom.

Correction: Some people have said that as the scene was shot on a dry soundstage it's not a valid mistake, but that doesn't change anything - they should have used clear water when adding the effects later. EXCEPT other people have pointed out that he could easily be kicking the bottom and still drowning - he can't swim, and is loaded with heavy equipment to boot.

Corrected entry: Look closely just after Boromir is shot a third time with an arrow. The Horn of Gondor has split neatly down the middle and the two halves are held together with an inner hinge of duct tape. (02:39:53)

Correction: Absolutely false. The Horn of Gondor is broken in two halves near the end of the horn, where thereĀ“s a wide band of golden metallic ornament. The two halves stay together by this metallic ornament.

Corrected entry: In Balin's tomb, when the Fellowship can hear the Orcs coming, they block the door and prepare for battle. The thing is, there is a HUGE hole in the wall behind them (they even leave through this after the fight is over to get to the bridge). Why didn't they run through there after blocking the door in the first place? I realise that we wouldn't have a great battle scene, but it still would have saved a lot of hassle.

Correction: The reason that they don't go out of the other door is because they realize that it would be no good escaping the room with heavy pursuit behind them; the orcs could break through the wall, and they soon would catch up to the fellowship. This is true to the book.

Corrected entry: At Bilbo's birthday party, he is wearing a red jacket with a green collar. He then disappears. When he re-appears, he still has it on. When he grabs the walking stick, it has turned all green.

Correction: This scene is not in real time - some time has elapsed between seeing Bilbo come into Bag End and take off the ring, and this next shot of him gathering items and packing to leave. He already has a bag out and things are stacked around it ready to pack - he has also changed his party jacket for his travelling one.

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Other mistake: When the hobbits are hiding under the tree trunk from the Ringwraith in the beginning, you can see space to the left and right of the tree above them. Logically when the Ringwraith walks past the tree you would see it on the right side of the tree first, then on the left, but you don't - it looks like it walks out of the tree instead of behind it. [Confirmed on the commentaries - Elijah Wood asks his fellow actors if anyone spotted the mistake: 'It kind of magically comes out of the tree'. Sean Astin: 'You mean it doesn't pass from the other side?' Wood: 'No, it comes out from the centre.'] (00:51:40)

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Sam: Mr. Frodo's not going anywhere without me.
Elrond: No, indeed. It is hardly possible to separate you even when he is summoned to a secret Council and you are not.

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Question: Since Gandalf knew how dangerous the ring was, why did he give it to Frodo and tell him that he must destroy the ring? It would make more sense to either do it himself or find someone else to do it.

Answer: The temptation of the Ring is directly proportional to the power and ambition of the bearer. To someone like Gandalf - a mighty wizard who wants to save the world - the temptation would, over time, prove to be too much, and he's realistic enough to understand that about himself. With an ordinary hobbit who only wants a nice meal and some peace and quiet, the Ring has a lot less to work with.

Answer: Gandalf can't take the ring because he would be tempted to use it, and it would ultimately corrupt him. This is true for nearly anyone who has it for any length of time, except hobbits for some unknown reason. Gandalf recognized this in Bilbo, and later in Frodo.

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