Ocean's Eleven

Corrected entry: The 160-million dollars that the heist group carries out of the vault in several duffle bags would actually weigh about 6400 pounds and take up the better part of 2 cargo vans. A quick calculation: a stack of 200 $100 bills is $20000 (they can't have used $1,000 bills - while legal tender, they're steadily being removed from circulation, so there wouldn't be enough). Roughly 100 of these stacks would fit in a milk crate sized container, so we are up to $2,000,000. $160 million would require 80 of these crates. Figuring 80 pound per crate, that is 6400 pounds.

Correction: This math is way off. A $100 bill weighs approximately one gram, so 453 weigh one pound. 1,600,000 of them would weigh 3500 pounds, not 6400. Also, one bill measures 2.6"x6.1"x0.004". A medium-sized duffel bag is around 24"x14"x14" when fully packed. So one duffel bag could hold 73,500 bills, requiring 22 total bags to hold all the money, and each one would weigh 162 pounds.

Correction: If a $100 is 1 gram then $160M is 1.6M grams which is 3527lbs. The correction is correct, the original entry is wrong.


Corrected entry: After Danny and Linus attempt to blow the vault door and discover the remote's batteries are dead, Linus makes the comment of, "You lose focus for one minute in this game and someone gets hurt." Danny responds by saying, "I don't hear Yen complaining." Danny's comment only makes sense if he already knows that, had the remote's batteries worked properly, Yen would have been hurt or killed in the explosion since his bandage was snagged and he couldn't get away from the vault door. He couldn't possibly know Yen's hand was stuck when he made that comment - if he did he never would have attempted to blow the door in the first place.


Correction: Danny's comment is a reference to the incident earlier in the movie when Linus "lost focus" and, as a result, Yen's hand was smashed. At that point he said the line to Linus "If you lose focus for one minute, someone will get hurt". He's implying that although he did lose focus here, Yen wasn't hurt this time.

Corrected entry: When the SWAT team leaves the vault, how do they account for the extra people leaving with them? Even if Ocean made his own way back to the beat room, Yen and Linus would be 2 extra SWAT team members who magically appeared.


Correction: When a crisis is occurring, most people don't stop and count the number of responders (SWAT, police, fire, ems). They just accept what they are being shown. No one asked for identification either.

shortdanzr Premium member

Correction: That is become some of the players are doing cameo performances as themselves, check the credits for confirmation of this.

Corrected entry: In the scene where we see Linus (posing as NGC) with Terry; Linus states that he has left his pager behind. Terry then asks if Linus knows his way out before leaving him. As we can see in this scene and previously with Livingston, a security card is required to leave this area. Linus would not have a security card and would certainly not be left alone in this area as he would not be able to pass through the doors to exit. (01:13:40)

Shaun Ewing

Correction: Terry is in a hurry to get to the fight; he propbably doesn't have time to think about that. Even if Terry was awere of Linus' need to use a security card, he might assume that another staff member in the casino would be nice enough to let this representative of the NGC out with their keycard.

Corrected entry: To get into the vault, they need the amazing Yen to pull fancy acrobatics because of the eleborate alarm system, including lasers covering the floor. For some reason, exploding the doors does not set off the alarm. If they could kill the alarm, why didn't Yen just walk across the room?

Correction: In a cut-away scene during the time that Danny, Linus & Yen are rigging the vault door with explosives, Livingston (back at the computer console) mentions that they are down to "pins and floor sensors now." This indicates that they were blowing not only the door, but also the alarm system.

Corrected entry: When George and Matt are in the lift and they drop the glow sticks not all of them light up but when they fall to the bottom of the lift they are fully alight. (01:23:50)

Correction: It generally takes 1-2 seconds for the chemicals to mix and fully light up. The longer the stick, the longer it takes.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: When Yen's bandage is trapped by the explosive device, he tears it out. When he does this, you can see pieces of the bandage, which would fall to ground and surely trigger the floor sensors and the alarms. (01:28:35)

Correction: Not really. Even though pressure and motion sensors can be designed to pick up just about anything, their sensitivity is tweaked to avoid generating false alarms. Just as you don't want your motion sensor going off if a fly buzzes in front of the camera, you don't want all the casino's alarms going off if air currents in the vault blow a piece of scrap paper to the floor. The fact that a dropped piece of bandage doesn't trigger the alarms is highly credible. plus, you don't know for sure just exactly what percentage of the floor in there is pressure sensitive.

Corrected entry: Rusty hands Basher a device to rig up to create an explosion and diversion. As the police car begins to smoke, a voice can be heard that yells out "everybody down". It is in fact the voice of Matt Daemon. Later, when the SWAT team is in the elevator and they cut the power, there is another explosion (that of the robbers blowing the safe) and again you hear the same cry out, "everybody down". Again, it is Daemon.

Correction: Given that you actually see Rusty say it in the first instance, it seems unlikely that they would have overdubbed it using Matt Damon. It also sounds very much like Brad Pitt's voice rather than Damon's. The second cry is "Take him down", not "everybody down" - once again, we see this being said on-screen and it's not Damon who says it.

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Corrected entry: When Benedict finds out that Frank Catten has a criminal record, he has him escorted out of the hotel and tells him never to step foot in any of my casino's again. Later, Frank was able to walk into the Bellagio and into the hotel room. As ruthless and devious Benedict is, wouldn't it make sense to inform security about him to make sure he does not enter the casino?

Correction: Not necessarily. Given that fact that Benedict was trying to make it to the fight on time after being delayed, and the break in that followed; chances are that barring Frank Catten was probably not a priority at the time.

Corrected entry: When the two brothers get out of the elevator, we see the clothes on the elevator floor. Wouldn't the cameras see them change in the elevator?

Correction: Livingston had control over the security system. He could have simply looped a recorded shot of an empty elevator.

Corrected entry: Basher sets off a pinch to short circuit the entire Las Vegas Strip. This is a destination many thousands of seniors come to each year. Wouldn't it stand to reason that some of these senior citizens would have pacemakers that would falter in the wake of the pinch?

Correction: Possibly, but this is not really a mistake because there could very well have been senior citizens dropping like flies all over the city, but we just never see them. This may have even been a plus for the team because with ambulances and police scattered all over the city, tending to these fallen seniors, the attention would not be on the casinos when they were robbed.

Correction: Pacemakers are used to regulate abnormal heart rhythms. If a pacemaker failed (e.g, the implanted battery ran out), the heart rhythm would simply revert back to the previous, non-paced rhythm, typically tachycardic (too fast) or bradycardic (too slow). But the patient would not just drop dead.

Corrected entry: Why go to the all the trouble of getting the briefcase into the vault when they are also sneaking in the Chinese acrobat (in a very large container)? Why not put the explosives in with him?

Correction: They needed Carl Reiner in the security room to create a diversion for Matt Damon to enter the elevator and for the security cameras to be switched without being detected. They needed the briefcase as an excuse for Carl Reiner to be there in the first place.

Corrected entry: When Virgil Malloy (Casey Affleck) is shown controlling the remote van carrying the bags of fliers, he is also shown in a SWAT uniform when they are in the vault. There is no way he could be in both places at the same time.

Correction: It is how the movie is set, showing various different character perspectives.


Correction: He's not wearing a SWAT uniform, he's wearing his EMT uniform from when Saul collapsed.

Corrected entry: In the beginning Danny says he was "put up in the pen for 4 years". But when he's talking to Tess for the first time she says "how do I get my 5 years back?"

Correction: She was probably referring to the five years that they were married (presumably, as the film doesn't spell this out) and not to the four years that he was imprisoned, making the point that she spent all that time with a man who lied to her about being a thief.

Corrected entry: One of the reasons the gang decides to rob the casinos on a fight night is because, Danny says, the vault has to hold enough money to cover every chip played on the floor. That's not actually true anymore. With ATM's and electronic transfers, the law no longer stands.

Correction: The law still stands. Casinos must have enough money to cover all chips (for table games) or silver tokens (for slot machines) being used in the casino. They are required to pay all winnings in cash. ATM's are for customers only.

Corrected entry: At the start, Josh deals everyone a single card and is stopped and told to deal to the left. Camera cuts to another angle and everyone has 5 cards in their hands. (00:06:10)

Ssiscool Premium member

Correction: It's a montage of everything that happens in the game over several hands. It's not meant to be one shot.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: Once Benedict realises that the footage of his vault being robbed was a tape, a scene starts which shows the thieves, disguised as the SWAT team, descending the elevator shaft. When they pull open the elevator shaft doors, a random black man is seen standing on the right along with them. He is not part of Ocean's 11, and seconds before this scene both black men (Basher and Frank) were up in the hotel room. (01:40:00)

Correction: There are six SWAT team members wearing full body armor and suits, no way you can tell the skin colour of any of them from behind. However, one of them is black, Basher, who had joined them as part of the SWAT team after he fired the EMP. Them being upstairs was a lot earlier. Rusty was also part of the SWAT team while only moments before that he was in the casino making the call. They had time to go to the SWAT van and go to the casino.

Corrected entry: When Danny tries to trigger the vault door, it turns out that the trigger device doesn't have any batteries in it. Linus mocks Danny with the "you lose focus in this game for one second" line. However, since Linus had no idea that Danny was even going to the vault after he got red-flagged in the casino's system then didn't it have to be Linus that forgot to put the batteries in, not Danny? Because there would really be no point in bringing down two trigger devices and Linus would certainly not go to the vault by himself to trigger the vault door without having a means to open it.


Correction: Danny and Rusty were the ones to set up the equipment for the heist. It would be their responsibility to make sure everything was ready for Linus' use.


Corrected entry: When Rusty frees Basher, there's a weird difference between shots. In the shot of them just as they start walking away from the car they were leaning against, they're by the bonnet and turning right slightly, so they should pass in front of the car. Then the angle changes, and they're now at the rear of a police car walking perpendicular to it. Not a different car, as it blows up shortly afterwards. (00:21:00)

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Correction: I watched this scene twice. Though it appears to be confusing at first, what happens is Basher sets the explosive as Rusty is leaning in whispering their conversation and when the two walk away, they walk from the rear passenger door, AROUND the rear of the car to the rear driver side door and then continue forward leaving the slantingly parked car in the background. Movies don't always account for very small passages in time. The only moments that we do not see (but should logically be assumed) is the short time it took for them to walk around the rear of the vehicle.

Plot hole: Where do the flyers come from that are in the bags that are carried out of the vault and into the van? Danny and Linus couldn't have taken them down there and there is no room with the Chinese man. They are carried out to the van before the SWAT team appears, which means they'd have to have been in the vault to start with? In the commentary by Steven Soderbergh he acknowledges that there's no explanation. (01:35:05)

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