28 Days

Gwen leaves her English partner and goes to buy a plant. When she enters the store, she notices Gerhardt and that he now owns a dog. He's talking to the cashier, regarding his dead plant and notices Gwen. He's thrilled to see her and she smiles as he joyfully cries on her shoulder.


Continuity mistake: When Gwen is watching the soap opera Santa Gruz, together with Eddie, in the front shots of the TV screen, you see a video cassette on the top of the TV with the heading "SONY". But, in the side shots of the TV screen, you see that the same video cassette is turned. (00:58:45 - 00:59:45)

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Trivia: As demonstrated in the film, Equine therapy is really used in quite a few drug/alcohol rehabilitation centers in the U.S. It's used to reveal things about the patient's personality and what they do in frustrating situations. (00:37:25)

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Answer: He was a hard drinker who did not take her sobriety seriously, and she realised he was not good for her.

Brian Katcher

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