I Dreamed of Africa

I Dreamed of Africa (2000)

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Factual error: Basinger's husband (Vincent Perez) is wounded by a buffalo while hunting. Not yet completely recovered, Perez come out his house in the savannah limping with a gun in his hand. He says to a worried Basinger, (more or less... I saw the Italian version): "I go and kill that buffalo, before he attacks someone else!" That sentence is absolutely ridiculous (as the whole movie!): 1) In Kenya there are thousands and thousands of buffalos, undistinguishable, how can Perez find his particular buffalo? 2) In spite of his harmless look, buffalo is surely the most dangerous animal in Africa! Attacking men is in the nature of every buffalo. Will Perez shoot all buffalos in East Africa?

Kuki Gallmann: We think we control this place, but this place controls us.

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