Superfly (1972)

2 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: The protagonist is weilding his karate skills against the crooked cops in the final fight scene. One of his foes is wearing a white fishing cap. Superfly belts him and knocks of the cap, there is a cut and then the cap is on again. The cap is on and then off again twice more in the same fight scene.

Youngblood Priest: Don't argue with me, man, I'm trying to give you a chance. Now, if you don't get me my money tonight, I'm gonna put that young girl of your's out on whore's row.
Fat Freddie: Listen, Priest, that's my wife you're talking about, man.
Youngblood Priest: So what? Now somebody's gonna work tonight, Freddie. You really shouldn'tve fcked with my money, Freddie.

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