Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Corrected entry: Early on, when Cary Elwes arrives to see Loxley Hall being moved away, you can see that it is being pulled straight across the ground and off the foundation. Then right after, Blinkin is seen sitting on the toilet. If the castle WAS being moved in such a way, then wouldn't it be impossible for Blinkin to still be sitting where he is?

Correction: That's the joke; movies like this shouldn't be taken seriously.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the jail break, all the prisoners take off their handcuffs in a second. They were far too loose. Why didn't they do that before? And also, there were more than 2 people on all the other bars, why didn't they break the bars then?

Correction: It's a joke. Everyone easily COULD HAVE escaped only they were too stupid to realize.

Corrected entry: Asneez's clothes look brand new whereas the other prisoners are wearing rags.

Correction: We don't know how long he has been imprisoned. It is entirely possible that it has only been for a short time. Therefore, his clothes would not be in as bad a state as the other prisoners'.

Corrected entry: When Robin is about to be hanged, it is painfully obvious that the platform of the gallows has no trap door.

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Correction: You don't need a trapdoor in order to be hung. In fact, in 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves' the people who were hung were shoved off the edge of the platform. A trapdoor is not necessary.

Corrected entry: When the sheriff is challenging Robin Hood to a duel at the feast, Robin hits him with an iron glove to the LEFT cheek. However the sheriff after this is holding his RIGHT cheek.

Correction: While this is true, given the comic style of Mel Brooks, it is most likely a visual gag as opposed to a mistake.

Corrected entry: During the banquet scene, Robin Hood dives under a table with no-one, and no room for anyone else, under it. Suddenly, when we see him underneath, it's a different table and Maid Marian's under it.

Correction: This is simply not true. We see throughout the scene the table he ultimately hides under, and there's plenty of room for two people. The reason we don't see Maid Marian is because after she hides, we don't see a shot of under the table till he hides under it.


Corrected entry: When Rottingham rips open Marian's dress, there is no padlock on her undies, but when the key falls in the lock, there's a massive padlock there.

Correction: There is in fact a padlock on Marian's "undies". It is to the right as you watch the scene.

Corrected entry: Right before Robin is hanged, there are three ropes on the gallows, then when he has a rope around his neck, there is only one, shortly after, there are none, and then during the wedding, there are three again.

Sol Parker

Correction: The depth of the shots change, sometimes making only one of the nooses visible, but there are always four nooses on the gallows.


Corrected entry: During the fight scene between Robin and Little John, the camera pans around to reveal the horse that Robin and company were traveling on. Blinkin and Achoo are nowhere to be found. After Robin defeats Little John, we see Achoo running across the bridge and Blinkin standing by the horse.

Correction: While this is true, there is a few minutes between the last shot in which the horse is present during the fight and when we next see it. (During this time Robin saves Little John from drowning) Anything could have happened in this time frame. Also, Achoo was most probably nearby, perhaps to Robin's left, as he demonstrated that the group could simply walk over the stream seconds beforehand. Also, we can see in the scene after the fight, that Blinken is grooming the horse which is facing the opposite direction it was facing during the fight and is beside a different tree than it was during the fight. It seems as though Blinken and Achoo might have been watching the fight and then prepared the horse thereafter.

Corrected entry: When Maid Marian puts on her thin gown after having a bath, she has no bra on. But in a shot a couple of seconds later, just when she notices the bluebird, she has a white bra on.

Correction: It's not a white bra. The thin gown has a built in top to it, sort of like a corset or bustier. You can see this as Brumhilda holds the gown open for her and as Marion holds the bluebird, you can see that the corset has buttons up the front.

Corrected entry: In the archery contest, Robin reveals himself from his "old man" disguise when he takes off a large, black hat. In the first shot, he still has the disguise on but no hat. However, in the next shot of Robin, he has on his regular clothes, his trademark hat and all, but the disguising clothes (including the first hat) are nowhere in sight.

Correction: Just after Robin takes the hat off he lifts his hand up to his shoulder to where the clasp to his cloak is, then we cut to the sheriff and prince John. Robin is taking his cloak off while they are talking.

Corrected entry: Maid Marian is wearing white when she runs to the balcony to jump onto her horse. She does this without making any stops on the way. However, when she calls "lady", she is wearing a pink overcoat.

Correction: Broomhilda actually has the pink overcoat in her hands when she walks out with Marian. She then puts it on when we switch to the horse.

Corrected entry: When Robin knocks all of the knights over and they fall down like dominoes, it's obvious which ones are real and which ones aren't - the real ones bend their knees.

Correction: This whole movie is parody and satire. Having the mix of men and cutouts is part of the humour, and done for comedic effect. Therefore, not a mistake as it was done intentionally for the humour.

Corrected entry: After Robin's castle is taken away, Blinkin gives Robin the pendant that his father said to give him. When Robin goes to put it around his neck you can see that the pendant is already open with the key inside. (00:18:00)

Correction: Not really a mistake as Blinkin has already stated it holds the key to "the greatest treasure in all the land". Quite conceivable that it could be knocked open (perhaps it wasn't closed properly in the first place) and Robin is simply closing it again.

Corrected entry: In the first sequence with the "Rapping Robins", when the background singers/dancers go to form a line with their hands crossed in front (kind of ballet-esque) the first and third Robins miss hands and struggle to latch together.

Correction: Just because someone is in a movie, it does not mean they will have perfect coordination and motor skills. Regular humans (like the Robins are supposed to be) make mistakes like this all the time in real life.


Corrected entry: When Robin slaps Rottingham with the gauntlet, Rottingham clutches the wrong side of his face.

Correction: This is done for comic reasons.

Revealing mistake: The paving slab Broomhilda falls onto and supposedly breaks is already broken.

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King Richard: You are no longer worthy to wear this scared symbol of authority.
Prince John: Oh, please have mercy on me, brother. It wasn't my fault. I got some really bad advice from Rottingham.
Crowd: [coughing] Bullshit! Bullshit!
King Richard: Brother, you have surrounded your given name with a foul stench. From this day forth, all the toilets in the kingdom shall be known as...Johns.
Prince John: NOOOOOOOOO!
King Richard: Take him away. Put him in the Tower of London. Make him part of the tour.

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Trivia: When Robin and the Merry Men meet Rabbi Tuckman, Tuckman comments that Robin and Maid Marion belong together and that the union of their families, Locksley and Baghel, "can't miss". This is a pun on lox and bagels, a food combination popularized by Jewish immigrants.

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Question: When one of the characters shoots an arrow and then says, "We're from Georgia", what does he mean?

Answer: Will Scarlet says, "My whole name is Will Scarlet O'Hara. We're from Georgia." Scarlet O'Hara is a character from "Gone with the Wind" which is set in Georgia.


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