Ghosts of Mars

Revealing mistake: Have a look at the shot of the rear part of the train exploding as the locomotive pulls away from it. If there was ever a more obvious model shot, with cheesy, jerky bouncing toy trains and Action Man (TM) dolls, then I haven't seen it.

Revealing mistake: When Big Daddy Mars is set on fire in the police station he is wearing an obvious protective mask. His face lacks detail and the mouth doesn't move even though he's screaming. (01:11:07)

Jack Vaughan

Plot hole: When the survivors first make an attempt to break out towards the station they kill numerous assailants at close quarters and yet only one of them (Uno) is infected. There must be dozens of the parasites floating around, enough to infect them all.

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Melanie Ballard: Well, introduce us to your friends.
Desolation Williams: These are my compadres, Uno, Dos and Tres.
Melanie Ballard: Uno must be the nice one.
Uno: You got that right, butchy. I'm not as nice as Desolation. And I'll cut your fucking titties off.

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Trivia: John Carpenter has said that the movie was meant to be silly and tongue-in-cheek, with a purposely ludicrous premise. He'd even come onto set every day and exclaim that the movie was "The biggest piece of s**t I've ever made!" He was reportedly incredibly annoyed that critics and audiences took it seriously, even remarking "It's called 'Ghosts Of Mars' for Christ's sake! Why would people take this movie seriously?" He's since said that he should have added more humor to clarify the the tone.


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