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Corrected entry: When Natasha Henstridge and Ice Cube try to get away from Shining Canyon before the reactor explodes some of the insane miners jump onto the train. Ice Cube says he wants to "lighten the load" and grabs some of the detonators. Henstridge replies that there is some dynamite in one of the cars. Why didn't they use it during the final fight? They only used the detonators. (01:20:33)

Correction: The train wasn't there for the final fight.

Corrected entry: The Englishman is throughout referred to as 'Sergeant Jericho'. However, according to the credits Jericho is his first name and Butler is his surname. He should be Sergeant Butler. It's unlikely to be a pet name, as none of the others have actually met him before.

Correction: He refers to himself as Jericho, so naturally all other characters follow suit.

Corrected entry: The scientist at the end comes up with the plan to destroy the nuclear reactor and create a nuclear explosion. However a nuclear reactor is nothing like an atomic bomb. There is no way, short of extracting the plutonium rods and then building a bomb themselves, could they have caused it to explode in the way that was claimed.

Correction: The film is set in the future on a different planet. We are never told what kind of nuclear material is in the reactor. It would seem extremely likely that if we can travel to Mars, and colonize it, we would have discovered new elements on the planet, which could react differently on this planet as opposed to Earth. Given that the film takes place in a mining camp, it's perfectly plausible.


Corrected entry: When Jerico is fighting in the first battle, he is kicking and punching the alien people. But when the first person tries to get him with his sword, Jerico blocks the sword with his gun, and if you slow it down, you can clearly see that the sword bends almost all the way back.

Correction: This looks flawless at regular speed. Slow-mo is a disqualifier according to the rules of this site.


Corrected entry: Descanso gets his lower arm taken off with a throwing disc, but there is no blood and he manages to draw his pistol and continue to shoot until his head is removed.

Correction: In some recorded cases of accidental amputation, it was shown that with a swift enough cut with a sharp enough blade, it is possible to not bleed from the wound for at least a minute or two. Descanso's injury would seem to fit this example.


Corrected entry: At the end the scientist states that the blast would would be only about a mile across. However when we see the explosion from space it clearly envelopes a sizeable part of the planet's surface, much more then a mile squared.

Correction: Scientists have been known to be wrong, hence this is a character error.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: Why do the "possessed" kill? Surely it would be better to capture and use people as hosts for more parasites?.

Correction: They're not smart enough or organized enough. They turn on their own when they show weakness, have no strategizing beyond mad rushes, and use whatever sharp metal instruments they find lying around. Planning to expand their ranks just isn't within their capabilities.


Corrected entry: The possessed miners seem to have some sophisticated weapons - elaborately made swords and throwing discs, for instance. Where did they get them from? They didn't have time to make anything that elaborate.

Correction: They had several days and lots of machines to build them on. The creatures possessing them are shown with those weapons in the past, so clearly they knew how to build them.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: If the blonde girl managed to get rid of the alien ghost whith the help of that pill why didn't she tell the others about it and why didn't she give each one of them a pill in case they got posessed?

Correction: When they were in battle, they were too focused on the fight, Uno got possessed they can only assume he's dead and even if they knew Uno could take that pill, they would be risking their own lives by keeling down and giving the pill to him, and there was probably not enough anyway.

Corrected entry: When they hijack a rover and dash for the train, Bashira is tossing grenades out the back. In one shot, she throws two grenades in two directions, but there is only one explosion.

Correction: Though it is true only one did go off, it is not really a mistake, she might have forgotten to arm it.

Corrected entry: Although the film is set many years into our future all the characters are very visibly using modern day weaponry which includes a H&K G36 assault rifle a MP5k and a SPAS 12 guage shotgun. One would think that there would be improvements over modern gun designs...

Correction: Firearms don't change much when they reach a perfected design. There is every reason to believe all the weapons in the movie will be around another 50 years. For example, the US Army used the Colt M1911 for almost 70 years before replacing it with the Beretta 92F.

Grumpy Scot

Continuity mistake: After Melanie's "plan A" failed since the train is not at the station the group fights its way back to the prison. During that fight they kill quite a lot of the possessed miners. But in one of the following scene when those freaks assemble in the streets and walk to the prison there are only four or five bodies lying around.

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Jericho Butler: Eutopia, the ass end of the universe. A penal camp for thieving cutthroats.
Melanie Ballard: Sounds nasty. But you seem to be holding up pretty well.
Jericho Butler: Yeah, well, I have many hidden talents.

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Trivia: John Carpenter has said that the movie was meant to be silly and tongue-in-cheek, with a purposely ludicrous premise. He'd even come onto set every day and exclaim that the movie was "The biggest piece of s**t I've ever made!" He was reportedly incredibly annoyed that critics and audiences took it seriously, even remarking "It's called 'Ghosts Of Mars' for Christ's sake! Why would people take this movie seriously?" He's since said that he should have added more humor to clarify the the tone.


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