Hard Target

Revealing mistake: Foucan doesn't apply grease of gel to his hair for the entirety of the movie, but after his coat gets set on fire, you can see the fire proof protective gel now covering his hair.


Revealing mistake: The helicopter that chases down Boudreaux fires a shot at his horse that causes an explosion that makes it fall, then another shot is fired, but the resulting explosion is exactly the same as the previous one, except the footage is taken from a different angle.


Revealing mistake: When Boudreaux leaps over the bonnet of the police car to roundhouse kick the motorcyclist off, if you look carefully in the background, there is a blue van with its back doors closed. As the motorcyclist comes to a complete halt, the blue van visibly shakes in the background and the back doors burst open. This is because the van was used as an anchor to stop the motorcyclist after being kicked off the bike.


Continuity mistake: As Van Damme's character snaps the guy's arm in front of the broken window, we see him flip him round and the guy falls on the floor knocking over the chair directly in front of the window. Then as Van Damme walks over to give the lady her purse we see that the chair is now standing back up.


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