Hard Target

Revealing mistake: When Boudreaux leaps over the bonnet of the police car to roundhouse kick the motorcyclist off, if you look carefully in the background, there is a blue van with its back doors closed. As the motorcyclist comes to a complete halt, the blue van visibly shakes in the background and the back doors burst open. This is because the van was used as an anchor to stop the motorcyclist after being kicked off the bike.


Continuity mistake: Right after Fouchon refers to the "F***ing buffalo" he walks past and says "move". As soon as the camera angle changes the buffalo man's gun trades with a guy 15 feet behind him.

Audio problem: During the scene when Van Damme takes on the car on a motorcycle you see the driver get shot back from impact of a gunshot. In that shot, the guy next to him with the gun out the window fires a gunshot, but no gunshot sound is heard.


Continuity mistake: When Van Damme takes on the car with a motorcycle, we see him fire his first two shots at the car, but yet we see three bullet holes go right into the car windshield.


Other mistake: Van Cleef and Boudreaux reload their guns, and then have the mother of all firefights, culminating with Boudreaux emptying both guns into Van Cleef. They only had two guns each and the amount of shots they fired apiece was way in-excess of what they reloaded.


Continuity mistake: In the motorcycle chase down the highway, Van Damme was originally supposed to take down a car, as seen in the workprint. In the theatrical cut, he takes on a guy on a motorcycle instead, but you can see in a few shots (especially before he jumps over the exploding motorcycle) that a car is lying on the road upside down in flames and smoke. Being that the car was supposed to be cut out of the film, there couldn't be any explanation for this. (00:55:10)


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene were van Damme is being chased on the highway, he jumps over a barrel. You can see the ramp in front of the barrel.

Pik van Cleef: Randal, Randal, Randal. You were going to leave without saying goodbye, huh?
Randal Poe: My momma got sick in Biloxi. I was gonna call you, Mr. Van Cleef.
Pik van Cleef: Of course you were, Randal. Of course you were. I know you didn't mean to... hurt... my feelings.

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