The Little Rascals

Continuity mistake: After the Ballet, Alfalfa is being chased by the two bullies and Alfalfa is carrying a handkerchief that Darla gave him. He dives into someone's pool and swims across. When he gets out, he picked up his underwear but the handkerchief is gone. In the race, he has the handkerchief back.

Other mistake: When Alfalfa takes some flowers to Darla, Waldo (the rich boy) turns up and Darla's friends comment on the rich kid. As one girl is saying her line, 'He's smoother than a baby's bottom' you can see the girl next to her mouthing the same line.

Visible crew/equipment: When Alfalfa is being chased by the bullies, he dives into someone's pool and swims across. When he gets out, there's a shot of him standing there with the house behind him. A couple seconds later the dog starts barking at him. Behind the dog, leaning up against a wall, is the cardboard cutout of the house used in the previous shot.

Other mistake: When Waldo and Darla are heading towards the go-cart race, as Waldo is phoning his dad, you can see that Darla is looking straight at the camera, then looks at the back of Waldo's head and keeps looking that way for the rest of the scene. It's obvious that Darla was not supposed to be looking at the camera, especially if you watch the ending credits, where people are telling her not to look at the camera.

Revealing mistake: When Alfalfa is running in the street only in his underwear and socks, it is very obvious that he has sneakers under his socks.

Audio problem: When Buckwheat says, "It's worse than I thought", while watching Alfalfa and Darla in the boat, you can see Uh-Huh next to him mouthing that line.

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Audio problem: At the talent show, where Waldo does his duet with Darla, you can tell he's lip synching. Sometimes he mouthes the words too late or too early. And in shots where he has his head up, his Adam's apple isn't moving, a sure sign no noise is coming out of him.

Audio problem: When Darla and Alfalfa are in the boat, Darla says "Oh Alfalfa, you're a sweety poo" or something, but when she says "sweety poo", her lips don't move.

Revealing mistake: When Spanky and Stymie are going into the bank for a loan, it's clear that their legs are that of an adult based on how high up the knees are. This is even more apparent when they are leaving the bank, in that their knees are at the same height as the adults going in.

Continuity mistake: When the kids run into the shed to change to their firefighter outfits to fight the clubhouse fire, it is glaringly obvious where they stopped the film and started it again: the sky has changed and is much more dim than when they entered.

Continuity mistake: During the big go cart race, the one of the tyres on the rascal's cart wobbles at times, but not at other times.

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Revealing mistake: When Alfalfa is being chased in his underwear, watch the cars on the bridge. They are going way too fast, showing the scene has been sped up.

Darla: Waldo, I think we have to turn here.
Waldo: Girls have no sense of direction.
Darla: You know, you're starting to get on my nerves.

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Trivia: In the movie, Spanky and Alfalfa's last name are Switzer and McFarland. These were the last names of the actors who originally played them in the 30s.

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Question: During the go-cart race, several shoppers are sent flying by the errant carts, one of them an old man who yells "Little rascals" at the kids. He's not listed in the credits but I could swear the old man is Robin Williams in makeup.

Answer: I tried looking this up on the IMDb and couldn't find anything about Robin Williams there. My only suggestion is to watch it again and see if there is a list of extras in the credits somewhere. Maybe that's all the part was, an extra.

Answer: That part was originally supposed to be played by Spanky McFarlane, the original little rascal, but died before production began. So an extra was used.

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