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Factual error: Mel and Goldie board a ferry. A visible sign states 'Detroit-Racine Ferry'. Detroit is on the east side of the state of Michigan but Racine, Wisconsin is west of Michigan, across Lake Michigan. The only water route to get from Detroit to Racine would be to circumnavigate the entire state of Michigan.

Factual error: Mel and Goldie ride through Chinatown in Racine WI. Racine does not have a Chinatown and the city is nowhere near as large as they represent it to be.

Factual error: When Mel's character first calls the Witness Relocation Program after Goldie's character sees him at the gas station he talks to his new case worker and tells him that he does not remember him. The case worker then says "You know all us FBI Guys sound the same". The FBI does not run the Witness Relocation Program. It is run by the U.S. Marshals, a completely different organization.

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Factual error: The 'zoo' where the final climax of the movie takes place is built in perfect movie logic; it is full of deadly hazards (unmarked, small innocuous looking pond filled with piranhas, suspension bridge that collapses when a 100 pound woman steps on it, etc) arranged in ways that either normal visitors would not be able to even notice (making them pointless in context) or that would cause horrible accidents.

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Factual error: Walking out of the clothing shop through the mall supposedly in Detroit, Rick and Marianne walk by mall corridors and stairs bearing all over flags of the Canadian provinces (the movie has been shot predominantly in Vancouver). (00:35:40)

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Factual error: Throughout the whole movie, plenty of cars from the police cars to Marianne's rentals, sport regular Michigan license plates, front and rear. Michigan does not issue front license plates.

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Continuity mistake: When Mel Gibson is getting the bullet pulled out of his backside, watch his trousers throughout the scene. First they're around his knees, then his ankles, then around his waist.

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Trivia: When the agent pulls from the computer record Richard's file, an alias listed is "David Putnam - Columbia Pictures", employed from 06/04/1973 to 02/01/1975. That's an obvious reference to producer David Puttnam (two Ts), who had a brief stint as head of Columbia Pictures in 1986-87, not making many friends in the then Coca-Cola owned production company. (00:12:50)

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