Rambo: First Blood

Trivia: In the introduction to the 1988 Hodder Headline edition of the novel First Blood, author David Morrell says that he got the name Rambo from both a variety of apple, and the writer Rimbaud: "A French author's name and the name of an apple collided, and I recognized the sound of force."

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Trivia: After deciding to perform one of the stunts himself, Stallone broke a rib, much to the displeasure of director Ted Kotcheff. The shot however remained in the film. (The last sequence where Rambo falls through the trees.)


Trivia: Originally there was an alternate ending shot for the film in which Rambo killed himself, however, this was found too depressing and the script was changed for him to survive.


Trivia: The word Rambo means violence in Japanese.


Trivia: At the beginning while John speaks with the lady showing a pic, he mentions several names like Bronson, Ortega, Westmore and Danforth - those belong to the production members.


Trivia: Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood and Michael Douglas were considered to play the main role of Rambo.


Trivia: Craig Huston, assistant to the director, played the small role of the police radio operator.


Trivia: The piece of canvas wore by Rambo as a suit was owned by Stallone and he still has it.


Trivia: A couple of yells from the film were taken and used by the arcade game Golden Axe.


Trivia: In a deleted scene on the First Blood Dvd, Rambo is sitting by the fire when he begins to experience a flashback to a bar. The bar scene shows Rambo's encounter with a woman, with whom he was romantically involved. The background music playing in the bar, bears an uncanny resemblance to "Sunshine of your love" by Cream. The song has a few minor differences, but the progressive of the song is the same.

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Visible crew/equipment: During the motorcycle chase Rambo jumps over the train tracks, if you look close you can easily see the ramp (00:18:00)

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Colonel Trautman: I don't think you understand. I didn't come to rescue Rambo from you. I came to rescue you from Rambo. (00:45:25)

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