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Corrected entry: When the van crashes the boxes are revealed to contain washers, not gold. But how did they get there? Surely washers would never have been cargo on the plane, yet their weight would have been easily noticed if already in supposedly empty boxes when passed up to the plane - otherwise why bother with washers anyway?

Correction: Obviously this poster missed the best part of the robbery. The thieves had taken the gold and put it into their shipment on the same plane. Their shipment had to be the same size and weight when they took it off the plane later that night to avoid suspicion. THEIR shipment was full of washers. They loaded their shipment onto the van and loaded the gold into their shipment then picked up their shipment from the plane later that night. This is evident when you see Gene Hackman holding one of the gold cases BEFORE they opened the Swiss Banks container.

Corrected entry: When Pinky is purposely getting hit by the car to distract the police, the first shot shows Pinky facing the car head on as the car is going to hit him, the camera angle pans to a different viewpoint, and we now see the car hitting Pinky on his side.


Correction: Pinky is walking across the front of the car, and is partly facing the car to his side, not head-on as described. The cut to the stuntman getting hit is an almost-perfect cut - he is getting hit at virtually the same angle as Pinky.

Corrected entry: When Mickey catches up to Joe at his sailboat, his henchman punches Joe in the stomach and he falls down and lays on the floor on his side. When the camera angle changes to a close up, he is now on his knees ready to get up.


Correction: When Joe goes down, shot in the back of the left leg, he is down on the dock resting on his right arm and knees, not on his side. The camera changes, and he's still on his right arm and knees.

Corrected entry: When Jimmy knocks out Joe at the airport, Joe is standing directly in the door frame of the garage door. When the camera shows Joe on the floor knocked out, he is now about 6 feet away from the door frame and he's not facing the correct position.


Correction: When Joe is knocked out (1:11:08), he falls, but the camera shows he & Jimmy at shoulder height. Since we cannot see how Joe fell, we cannot assume how he should have fallen. If, in fact, he would have fallen in the doorway, Jimmy would have had to drag him back inside so he could close the door. Therefore, what the director didn't show us, is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When the Mafia guys takes off from the Marina, he just jumps in the Ferrari, turns on the lights and drives away. He never started the car.


Correction: Please be more specific when submitting - he drives away from the marina twice. Once at about 0:12:00 and then in another scene at 0:38:58. The second instance is the one you're referring to - but he DOES start the engine - it's just not as obvious as the first time. The lights come on when the key is turned - the sound of the starting engine is clear if you listen closely.

Corrected entry: When Joe turns to Pinky and tells him to burn the car, you can see a coffee cup in a holder on the dashboard of thew car. The camera angle changes to Pinky's view and the cup and holder are gone.


Correction: The first angle is from roughly the centre of the hood, base of the windshield, close up tight to the glass. We see the coffee holder "directly in front of the passenger seat", and a pack of cigarettes under the rear-view mirror. The angle from Pinky's view is sufficiently different to put the coffee holder & cigarettes to the left of frame, so we cannot see it from that view. It's out of frame, not missing from the car.

Corrected entry: In the shot where they are driving to cut off the plane, the shot changes and you can see the van driving. Look on the passenger side, that man is obviously white. He is definitely not Delroy Lindo, who is supposed to be sitting there.

Correction: Sam Rockwell's driving the whole time, who's white. Delroy Lindo's sitting on the passenger side, also the whole time.

Continuity mistake: When Fran is telling Mickey to leave Joe some money at least, you see Joe standing in the background with his hands on his hips. The camera zooms to where Joe is standing and he is now seen with his hands held up in the air.


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Jimmy: Is he gonna be cool?
Pinky: My motherfucker's so cool, when he goes to bed, sheep count him.

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