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Answer: It is never stated.

Question: I have seen the movie several times, but I cannot figure this out. Why does Jim want to steal items from his own house in order to get money for a car? If the plan had been successful, his father would probably find it strange that he had money for a car after their house was robbed. Especially because Jim's father is aware that Jim wants a car, since Jim complained about his father being too "cheap" to buy him one. Would it not make more sense to rob another person's house?

Answer: If the robbery had been successful, Jim would have been able to accuse Edward of robbing the house with his friends backing him up. Jim probably would have kept the car at a friend's house to avoid suspicion. Since the house belongs to Jim's father, nobody would question him going inside. If Jim and his friends tried to rob someone else's house, there would be the chance that somebody would be home or that a burglar alarm could go off and alert the neighbors and the police.

Answer: Jim also quotes "we could a lot of money off this thing" stating he could steal the car, sell it and get enough money to buy his own car without suspicion.

The question covers this. Jim's father probably *would* be suspicious. Jim was complaining about wanting a car, so it would be strange if there was a robbery, and then he got a car. His father would probably wonder how he paid for it.

Question: When Edward kills Kim's (ex) boyfriend, we see Kim run to the window after him, there is blood on her arm. Where did it come from?

Answer: The blood came from another wound on Jim's body. Edward did cut him on his arm and he does fall back onto Kim so she could have gotten some blood onto her dress that way.

Question: After Kim kisses Edward good-bye in their final moment together, Kim runs away but you can see Edward taking a step forward while looking at her run. Why did he suddenly stop himself?

Answer: Because wanted to go with her, but they both realised it could never work out, like the story of Beauty and the Beast, except Edward couldn't turn into a handsome prince.

Answer: There's no definitive answer and any explanation is open to interpretation. It may simply have been an involuntary reflex, wanting to follow Kim but knowing he cannot and then stops himself.

raywest Premium member

Question: At the end of the movie, Kim says that she wants Edward to remember her as she was. She obviously didn't turn into an elderly woman overnight, though. Couldn't she have secretly gone to his house if she wanted to?

Answer: I think that visiting Edward would be problematic. Kim could most likely visit the property once - however, she and Edward love each other, and both would be tempted to spend more time together. The longer that she continued to see him, the greater the risk of her being found out by someone. If the town knew that Edward was still alive, they would want to persecute him. Aside from that, I could imagine long-term complications if Kim ever wanted to attend college, pursue a certain career, etc. while hiding her association with Edward.

Answer: Maybe she didn't visit him to avoid the town realizing he was still alive after she told them Jim killed him.

Answer: Probably, but she apparently never has.

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Chosen answer: Just like Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein" we are not actually told how Edward is created. (Most have interpreted it to mean he was made of discarded body parts, though she never actually states that the body parts he stole were used in the monster, just in his "experiments".) In the end, we are left to believe that the inventor created a human-like person from some sort of scratch. Edward has blood, emotions, creativity, and the ability to heal his many wounds. Beyond that, we are told nothing.

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Question: Did Kim tell Edward she loved him, because she really did love him, or did she just feel sorry for him, and make him feel loved?

Answer: She really loved him.

Phixius Premium member

Question: When Edward was sculpting the people and other things made of ice in his castle, where did the ice come from?

Answer: While it is possible that he had a freezer capable of making them himself, it is likely he had them delivered to his house by an ice company.

That would be impossible since Kim lied and told everybody that Jim and Edward killed each other. With everybody believing they're dead, there would be no reason for an ice truck to drive up to the mansion. And with how big the ice was for the sculptures, it's impossible for the ice to have come from a freezer.

It could have been an out of town company and all of the adults from that time would be dead anyways.

For Edward to get the ice from an out of town company, he would have to call them which would be impossible because since he has scissors for hands, and he wouldn't be able to hold the receiver. Plus Edward has no way of paying them.

Question: How come Kim didn't own up about the burglary? If she really cared for him she would have told them the truth.

Answer: Probably because she was afraid of getting herself and all her friends in trouble with her. Her boyfriend is unpredictable and violent, she could easily be afraid of him.

Question: Three or four people in the movie claimed to know doctors who can help Edward. Why didn't he ever go see any of these doctors while he stayed with the family?

Answer: First of all, the film only takes place over the course of a few weeks. He's still adapting to the real world. Second, to do so would be to accept that Edward was, in fact, "crippled". One of the film's recurring messages was that Edward was special but not handicapped. Not to mention the financial incentive in having Edward stay the way he is.

JC Fernandez

Answer: In addition to JC Fernandez's explanation: People often say such "nice" things, but never follow through. It's similar to when someone tells you "We should get together sometime." Other than Peg, the people who said it probably got busy and/or lost interest in Edward. They were briefly intrigued by him, but did not truly care about him long-term.

Question: Why was Kim funny about Edward? She didn't like him at first.

Answer: Because he's got scissors for hands. It just took her longer to get used to him.

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Question: When Jim tells Kim to ask Edward to help them break into his house, Kim says asking him wasn't fair. What did she mean?


Chosen answer: Kim knows that Edward loves her and will do anything that she asks of him. She is hesitant to ask him to commit a crime. Edward will know that the robbery is a bad idea, but will go through with it anyway, if it will make Kim happy. She knows this and does not want to take advantage of him.

Question: When Kim asks Edward to hold her, and he says he can't, is it because he hasn't got hands or he's still upset about her making him rob the house?

Answer: He means his hands. But he says this, rather than simply working around the scissors like he always has, because he's still hurting over the betrayal.

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Question: After the failed robbery scheme at Jim's house, Edward reveals to Kim that he already knew it was Jim's house. Before, however, he seemed genuinely concerned when Jim pretended that someone had stolen things from him. He even suggested that Jim talk to the person's parents about it. Why did he act that way if he knew all along that they were at Jim's house?

Answer: It's been a while since I've seen it, but if memory services, Edward is helplessly in love with Kim, and is playing along with Jim's scheme because Kim is there with them and is a part of it. Edward wants to do "nice things" for her and her friends, so he basically plays dumb. When he later tells her that he knew it was Jim's house, he also explains that the reason he did it was because she "asked him to."


Visible crew/equipment: When the crazy woman who said that Edward comes from hell leaves the backyard, you can see the reflection of a crewmember on the left side of the window.

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Kim: Hold me.
Edward: I can't.

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Trivia: When Peg Boggs enters the mansion for the first time, there is a spikey shadow on the wall at the top of the stairs. Listen carefully and you can hear scissors snipping and the shadow will move - it is Edward looking down to see the stranger in his house.

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