Tremors 3: Back to Perfection

Corrected entry: In the 2nd Tremors film, there's a scene towards the end when Burt uses his LAR Grizzly Big Bore .50 BMG rifle on a shrieker, and the .50 cal round reduces it to spaghetti sauce. However, in this movie, Burt uses a .50 cal round to handle the Shriekers in Argentina (in the very beginning), and this time the bullets only cause bullet holes, and not massive carnage.


Correction: Burt makes his own bullets, as shown in the first film, and as such he can control how much powder goes into them and therefore how much kick they have. Not to mention whether they're hollow point or full metal jacket; that alone could account for the difference between "spaghetti sauce" and simple penetration.

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Corrected entry: After the foursome spend the night on the rocks, their shirts are buttoned up tight, but while Burt retreaves his walkie-talkie and guns out of his truck, both Miguel and Jody's shirts are unbuttoned.

Correction: There is plenty of time between shots for the characters to loosen their shirts.


Corrected entry: During the scene where Jack is talking to Jodi about the 'complimentary ice', Jodi has an Apple MacIntosh laptop on the desk. The logo on the back of the laptop does not have the 'leaf' on the top of the apple. this was done to avoid copyright issues.

Correction: Trivia yes but not a mistake. Many cheap minor companies have similar logos then major companies, but do not violate copyright laws.

Corrected entry: When Burt is looking at the comic books, the name Shreikers is misspelled. It should be spelled Shriekers.

Correction: Not really a movie mistake. Some companies alter names as to avoid copyrights.

Corrected entry: When the graboid bites the tire on the old pickup and causes it to go flat, you can see the bright flash from the explosive charge.

Correction: Not necessarily from an explosive charge. When compressed air is suddenly vented to the atmosphere, especcially from a tire, it will usually emit in a flash of powder from the inside of the tire (debris inside the tire from heat buildup among other thigs) and from the air itself discharging the humidity from the air as it explosively escapes the tire's pressure.

Corrected entry: The scene where the girl and her mother are in the store, the girl puts a huge piece of meat in the microwave - that is the strongest microwave I've ever seen, it took a mere 3 seconds to heat that up...

Correction: It didn't heat up the entire piece of meat. It was enough to heat the meat's surface for the flying shrieker to sense it.


Corrected entry: When Burt is eaten by the Graboid, he is in a barrel. When Jack cuts the Graboid open to get Burt out, where is the barrel?

Correction: If you watch it closely you can see sparks fly out from when he cuts the barrel.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when Gummer was talking to the press he said: "A single graboid reported in this area, reproducing into six shriekers." In Tremors 2, only three shriekers came from each graboid.

Correction: We actually only see one Graboid with three empty "birthing sacs" inside it. There is nothing to suggest that a Graboid can't spawn 3-6 Shriekers each.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Jack and Burt first meet, a boy tourist stands in front of the "Welcome to Perfection" (with the graboid rising out of the ground) sign and yells to his mom, "Take a picture of me with the tremor." Jack yells back, "They're called graboids." This was very probably done because when the first Tremors movie came out, there was confusion about what the monsters were supposed to be called.

Correction: Your opinion is not trivia.

Factual error: Burt claims his watch updates its time "by connecting directly to the cesium clock in Colorado via ultrasonic frequency." Later the graboids home in on him by the ultrasonic sound emitted by his watch. Firstly, radio controlled watches update their time by receiving signals, but they don't emit any signals - the battery would be way too weak for two-way communication. Secondly, they work on radio waves, not sonic waves. Thirdly, if a hypothetical time transmitter did work on ultrasonics, the smallest distance between Colorado and Nevada is some 435 km (around 270 mi). An ultrasonic signal strong enough to reach that far would probably be deadly within a sizable range around the transmitter. (00:08:20)

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Jodi Chang: Well, we discovered it right? Just like the other ones. We should name it... how about buttlauncher?

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Trivia: The woman who accidentally calls Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) "Mr. Goober" is actually played by Michael Gross' sister Mary. Like her brother, she's an actress who was a co-star on Saturday Night Live for several years in the 80's, and has done a smattering of film, television and voice-acting roles since.


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