A Low Down Dirty Shame

Audio problem: When Shame points both his guns to the 2 guys in the beginning of the movie, you hear both guns click, but you can see that they are already cocked.


Audio problem: After Shame leaves the police station, he is seen driving with his cell phone near his ear. You then hear his cell phone ring and him answering it. You then see him putting the cell phone down, but he's still talking to Peaches.


Visible crew/equipment: When Angela and Shame are in a car chase from the bad dudes, Shame turns the jeep around 180 degrees and then drives over the bad guys' car. While the jeep is driving off the bad guys' car, you can clearly see the jeep driving off some kind of ramp set behind the car. You can just see them driving down it.

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Shame: Salt-N-Pepa must had a garage sale.

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