The Thing From Another World
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Visible crew/equipment: When the airplane flies over the area where the saucer skidded in and became buried in the ice, you can see the equipment used to clear the snow and smooth out the ice (at the narrow end of the ice). You can also see the tracks from the machine criss-crossing the circular portion from the aerial shots. (00:16:20)

Larry Koehn

Visible crew/equipment: When the scientist finds the saucer near the North Pole, the panorama of the sky reaches only to a certain height. When the camera pans upward, as the smoke billows up from the explosive charges, the backdrop of the sky disappears and the real sky appears above the Hollywood backlot. (00:22:55)

Larry Koehn

Visible crew/equipment: The panorama, at the saucer, has several very visible vertical seams which they tried to paint over by making it appear as clouds. (00:22:00)

Larry Koehn

Visible crew/equipment: When Bob approaches the door to the greenhouse with a geiger counter, the wire to the device can be seen trailing out the bottom of his pants leg on onto the floor.

Revealing mistake: If the scientists are near the North Pole, their shadows would be very long. But the scenes near the saucer show the men having very short shadows; thus, they are in Hollywood (naturally). (00:21:55)

Larry Koehn

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Hendry: Wait a minute, Scotty. You won't need any boots. When it comes you go back with the others. You don't belong out here.
Ned "Scotty" Scott: I didn't belong at Alamein or Bougainville or Okinawa. I was just kibitzing. And I write a very good obit, a obituary to use.

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