Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Trivia: The location where evil Bill and Ted try to kill Bill and Ted, a rock face, is the same rock face that James T Kirk is standing on in the Star Trek scene on TV seen earlier in the movie.

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Trivia: The original title of this film was 'Bill and Ted go to Hell', but was changed for obvious reasons.

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Trivia: Much of the guitar work done in this film was by guitar hero Steve Vai, who also worked on PCU and, perhaps more famously amongst guitarists, Crossroads. Pretty much all the guitar licks which are played throughout the film when Bill & Ted play air guitar are played by Steve, as well as "The Reaper Rap" - in the end credits.

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Trivia: The scene where Bill and Ted challenge Death at various games is a comic take on the opening of Ingmar Bergmen's The Seventh Seal, the film that taught Americans to read subtitles.

Trivia: The actor who plays Death (William Sadler) also appears as an English man who is watching the Battle of the Bands with this wife on television near the end of the movie.

Trivia: The chant to get rid of evil that Missy and the "New Age Dudes" say which sends Bill and Ted to Hell is "Ed and Chris will rule the world" said backwards. Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson are the writers of the film. Watch this scene with subtitles on and you will see.

Trivia: In the credits, the Camera Operator is listed as "Evil" Bill Poe and the First Assistant Camera is listed as "Good" Bill Clevenger.


Trivia: Writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon play "Ugly" and "Stupid" seance members, respectively. They also appeared in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure as "Ugly" and "Stupid" waiters.


Trivia: Director Peter Hewitt also plays "The Smoker" in the film. In the acting credits for the role he is listed as "Max Magenta." Max Magenta is a character of his from his short "The Candy Show" that he wrote and directed.


Trivia: And the end of the credits it says "Be Excellent to Each Other and Party On."


Trivia: As the credits roll, the London Daily Sentinel shows the date "Saturday, June 1, 2691", but that date falls on a Monday (I listed this as trivia instead of mistake since one could argue it's so far in the future the calendar might change).


Trivia: At the end, when William Sadler is playing the English man watching the Battle of the Bands, the woman and child are played by Sandler's real life wife and daughter (Marni Joan Bakst and Sadler Colley Bakst).


Trivia: In the seance scene, when Missy opens the book with the cover "Riddance of Evil" the text reveals it's actually "Four Seasons" by Stephen King. (This is just before she finds the page with the chant). Trivia, not a mistake, because the text is only visible by pausing.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Death and Bill are playing Twister, Bill's left hand was on red and his right hand was on green. In the next shot when Death is putting his foot on blue, Bills hands are switched. In the same scene Bill's shoes are on the floor. After he wins they walk over to Death and his shoes are back on. He never had time between all the dialog to put them on.

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Grim Reaper: A hit. You have sunk my battleship!

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Question: When the titles are running at the end, just after the headlines have stopped, the screen goes to black and the first title you see is "Taj Mahal". Obviously, I know what the Taj Mahal is, but why is it mentioned in the titles?

Answer: Taj Mahal is also the name of a blues singer who had a cameo role in the film (The Gatekeeper). He may have demanded a higher billing than the regular acting credits.

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