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Corrected entry: When the girl agent points her gun at Corky, first it is in her right hand, and when the screen switches, it's in her left hand, but in the next shot, it's in her right hand.

Correction: We see it in her right hand the whole time. When the shot changes we see Corky holding his gun in his left hand pointed at Leo, But Kate's remains in her right hand.


Corrected entry: When Corky returns to the room after his brothers threw him out to talk to their father, the advisor to the family is standing next to the bed with the father and then he disappears. After a few minutes, he returns again.

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Correction: The advisor (Leo) doesn't simply disappear, once Corky returns and starts to confront his brothers, there's simply never a shot of the spot Leo was standing in. Then the scene continues into a very personal family argument and there's plenty of time for Leo to walk away, which he does and we see him sitting in the chair in another room.

Corrected entry: When Corky is trying to get his briefcase back from the other agent, two men come in and say they are going to China town and taking Corky with them, Corky walks up before they say it; the agent behind Corky disappears in one shot.

Correction: We see Corky try to get away from Davis (the other agent), but Corky doesn't "walk up" to the 2 agents until after they said "Pissant, we need you ASAP." And they said this before saying they're going to Chinatown and taking Pissant with them. Once the two agents said it was an order from Shuster, Davis had no point in sticking around, and since he had Corky's briefcase, he simply walks away.

Corrected entry: When the "funky" gun Corky was hold went of, and the tank exploded, you see the dog flying. When Corky sees the dog, it is lying down, its head facing one way, then when he runs over to the dog, it is facing the other way. Then, after he gives it "air", it gets up, and it is facing the same way it was facing when Corky first saw it.

Correction: When we see the dog on his back, his head is tilted to its right, the next shot, the head is still tilted to the right, albeit the camera angle has changed position. In the final shot, while the dog's head is to the left, this is also after Corky gave it mouth to mouth and moved his head.


Corrected entry: When the cocaine was all over Corky's face, when he runs into the FBI director and he asks him to go to the 2nd graders, all the cocaine is off his face, clothes, and hair.

Correction: After getting cocaine all over himself, when he goes through the building entrance, you see he made an effort to wipe it off (plenty of time passes between scenes for him to do this). The next shot he's already heading towards the evidence room (without the audience having to see the tediousness of Corky walking and taking the stairs/elevator), so he had plenty of time to clean himself off.


Corrected entry: When Corky is leaving with Kate the female agent and waves goodbye to his brothers, they are wondering where he is going. Now since he was wearing a wire, wouldn't they already know?

Correction: Even though he's wearing a wire, neither brother is seen wearing the headphones which is the only way they would hear it at the time. And even if Paulie was listening, then Peter (who asks the question) wouldn't have heard.


Corrected entry: In one of the scenes when Corky and his brothers are in their dad's room, Peter (the fat brother) has on a blue shirt. The camera cuts to Corky or someone else, and his shirt has changed colors to green.

Correction: There is no scene where Peter's shirt changes color. If you're talking about the first time they're all in Pop's room, you see the same blue shirt, even later on in other scenes. It could be the lighting made you think it was green.


Corrected entry: When the Night Vulture goes up to Corky outside the evidence room, he says, 'Ni hao ma,' saying that it is Mandarin for 'hello'. Actually, 'Ni hao ma' is Mandarin for 'how are you'.

Correction: This is a mistake of the character, not necesarily the scriptwriter. Perhaps, since he has lied about so much, he has also lied about his mastery of the language.

Corrected entry: When Corky is driving to his office at the beginning singing to Take On Me by A-Ha, you see him turn the steering wheel all the way to his right, but the car doesn't turn at all.

Correction: Actually his hands slid over the wheel, they never touch it or turn it. He has a very loose grip on it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the suspect drives the car while Corky is stuck, he never hits the gas, yet the car moves as if the pedal is being pushed down.

Correction: The grate that separates the FBI agents from the perp. is broken and you can see it fall onto the gas pedal and you can hear the engine rev. It is then put into reverse.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Corky first enters the Vet Clinic, and speaks to the "patients", the shot when he first speaks to the old man with the Bassett Hound, the dog is in the chair on the man's left, but in the next shot, the dog has moved to the right, and the man has shifted to the left side of the chair.

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