Pokemon 3: The Movie

Corrected entry: While Entei is fighting Pikachu, he uses a number of fire attacks, yet the ice (which is completely surrounding him) doesn't melt at all. (01:06:10)

Correction: Actually, I don't think it was ice. It was a crystal formation created by the Unown so it wouldn't have melted when hit with a Fire-type attack. Another explanation would be that if it was ice, Molly didn't want it to melt because it was part of her dream world and the Unown made her dreams a reality.

Corrected entry: While Entei is running off with Ash's mum on his back, he leaves ice "footprints" where he jumped right before entering an icy area. Yet these footprints are gone less that 5 seconds later, when Ash and Brock enter the same area. (00:37:50)

Correction: They aren't made of ice. It's crystal. And the reason they are gone is probably because Molly wished for them to disappear so Ash couldn't follow Entei.

Corrected entry: When Ash, Misty, and Brock first head to the Crystal Tower, which is when they get Lisa's Poké Gear, they have no rope. When they get to the bottom of the waterfall, Ash suddenly has a rope on his shoulder. Where did it come from?

Correction: In the first episode of Pokemon, Ash's mother gave him a rope to use as a clothesline. He keeps it in his backpack. This is probably the same rope.

Corrected entry: When Ash & company climb up the waterfall, they need Bulbasaur and Chikorita to hold Ash like an anchor. Let's ignore the fact that they would probably slip due to the rushing water. In an earlier episode of the anime, Bulbasaur wasn't nearly as strong and was able to lift a falling Ash up a cliff from about twice the height without much effort. Why have both Chikorita and Bulbasaur out then?

Correction: Ash wants to save his Mom and he doesn't want to risk falling. He probably forgot that Bulbasaur saved his life and was so intent on getting his mother back, he called both Pokemon out to assist him.

Corrected entry: Just before Molly battles Misty, she finds out that you can be any age to battle, and returns to the form of a six year old, but her dress is sleeveless, but the real Molly up in the tower has little T-shirt length sleeves.

Correction: The entire world is her imagination-- she is imagining herself with no sleeves. Maybe she was hot.

Corrected entry: When Brock is battling against the teenage Molly, he calls out Vulpix against her Teddiursa. However, all he uses are physical attacks against the bear. Since Vulpix is a Fire-type, why not use Flamethrower?

Correction: Because it doesn't really matter what attack he uses against a weak pokemon like teddiursa. He saves the strong fire attacks for more challenging pokemon so as to not wear vulpix out.


Corrected entry: In "Pikachu and Pichu", the short film before the actual movie, watch for the scene where the building that the Pokemon built starts to collapse, many Pokemon start rushing towards the screen and proceed to say their names. At this point, turn your volume up a bit and listen closely (and for the love of God, get the kids out of the room.). One particular Pokemon says his name (which is apparently something along the lines of "Smeargle"), followed shortly by the distinct words, "Shut the f*ck up", in the cute Pokemon voice. It sounds unbelievable, but if you listen to it, it's as clear as day.

Correction: In this scene, all the Pokemon are rushing to save their clubhouse, in that particualr shot a few of the Pokemon included are "Shuckle", "Sunfloria" and "Smeargle". If you pay attention closeley, they all say their own names, thats all they can say. When Shuckle shouts his name he says spacificly "Shuckle uck" and just as that character says that, the Sunfloria says "Floria" and the "f" is said just as the Shuckle said "uk" so it sounds as if he cursed. The Shuckles voice is done by the same person who did the Smeargle's voice, so it sounds like him. I saw this scene a few times and found that mistake actually wrong.

Continuity mistake: During her battle with Ash, Lisa jumps over a patch of flowers and sends out her Girafarig. During this shot, the flowers are considerably higher than the fence that surrounds them. However, a few shots later, the flowers are seen again, but this time they seem to be lower than the same fence. (00:28:05)

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Meowth: It looks like alphabet soup but without the soup.

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Trivia: In the original Japanese trailer, most of the scenes were fully animated, yet not used in the final cut. Some of the shots were Ash standing on top of a crystal pillar, as the camera pans around him and he is searching for something, a bunch of random wild Pokémon running away from the crystallization, and a shot of Mewtwo standing at the entrance of a cave with lightning cracking behind it. Supposedly, the 3rd and 4th movies were to inter-connect, with Mewtwo being the one who connects them. Perhaps the anime producers decided to throw that away and instead advertise the then-new Pokémon Crystal game? After all, several elements from the game (the Unown, Suicune, Celebi) appeared in both movies.

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Question: Does Missingno, the infamous "Pokemon 000" glitch from Pokemon Red/Green (Red/Blue in the states) appear in this movie?

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