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Corrected entry: When Shannon Elizabeth is washing up in the bathroom, the angry princess ghost appears in the blood-filled bathtub and her suicide note is on the floor; not only are the ghosts supposed to be confined to the basement by the containment spells but the house was created by Cyrus to house the machine (no one else had lived there), so she wouldn't have killed herself in that bathroom anyway.

Correction: Her writing a suicide note on the bathroom floor doesn't necessarily mean she died in that house, she is just mimicking her own death.

When I first saw that as a kid I assumed Cyrus took the bathroom she died in and made it Kathy's.

Correction: Plus the containment cells were beginning to open allowing the ghosts to wander around the house.

Corrected entry: At the end when the family sees their mom on the spinning wheel, she is on the wrong marker. She is actually standing on The Torso's spot, not her own. (01:21:55)


Correction: After the the machine is destroyed, including the tape with the magic spell that binds the ghosts to a certain spot, it doesn't matter anymore where she stands.

Wasn't the Torso the only other harmless ghost? Or more or less harmless? This may be an easter egg.

Corrected entry: Arthur says oculus inferno means eye of hell, except the Latin word for hell is actually infernum.


Correction: They call it the "Ocularis Infernum."


Corrected entry: The group is able to see the spirit of the mother, even though they are not wearing the goggles. (01:25:10)


Correction: The mother is shown healed and wearing her normal clothes when the family is able to see her. This may indicate that she is no longer a trapped ghost, but now free, or perhaps an angelic spirit, giving her the ability to show herself to her family without the use of the special glasses.

Corrected entry: Any time somebody touches Rafkin, he goes into convulsions and can see into other peoples lives. At one point in the movie, Maggie touches Rafkin but he doesn't go into a convulsion at all. He just acts normally.

Correction: This only happens when the person who touches him has had something terrible happen to him in the past. Maggie obviously hasn't.


Corrected entry: As Arthur and Kalina discover that Kathy has disappeared, one of the walls moves when they lean on it. (00:52:50)


Correction: They are leaning on a glass wall on a track, not entirely a sturdy thing to lean on so of course its going to move.

Corrected entry: The glass walls are sturdy, shatterproof and intricately slotted together; how did Arthur and the psychic manage to disengage a wall to use as a shield?

Correction: They're on tracks to allow them to move. They just took it off the tracks. After all, it's not immobility of the wall panels that holds the ghosts back, but rather the spells written on them.


Corrected entry: When Kalina is climbing through the hole, she gets the flare off of Arthur. However when The Hammer escapes and bounds down the hallway toward Arthur, Arthur is suddenly holding a new lit flare. (00:56:05)


Correction: Actually they had 2 flares to begin with. He handed her one and still had the other one when the Hammer attacked him.

Corrected entry: In the film, the ghosts are only visible to the human inhabitants of the house if they are wearing special glasses. For the original film from the 1960's, special glasses were distributed because the film was made in such a way that the ghosts were only visible by wearing said glasses.

Correction: The original film was in 3-D, that's why the audience was given glasses.

tom alma

Corrected entry: The scene where Shannon Elizabeth is looking in the mirror in the bathroom, it shows the walls covered in blood but not the mirror.

Correction: In the overhead shot as she opens the shower-curtains, it seems like blood is on the mirror, but it's actually the reflection of the sink, with the blood splattered around the basin. Therefore blood is never on the mirror, only the walls, floors, bathtub etc.


Corrected entry: The scene where the lawyer comes to show Arthur and his family the video his uncle left for him, watch the video carefully. The status bar doesn't move any yet the timer does. Through the whole minifilm, the bar doesn't move at all.

Correction: Not really a mistake I've had the same problems with some encoding techniques it runs fine but you can't skip ahead or pause but the video still plays, and the status bar doesn't move.

Corrected entry: We learn that the glass in the house is soundproof, yet when the company gets split up between, it they can hear each other talking through the glass.

Correction: They don't hear each other through the glass, they hear the echoes off the glass and voices carrying in the hallways.

Corrected entry: When the little boy is off by himself, he falls and drops his recorder and the special glasses. When the family gets there, the boy is gone but they find the recorder and glasses. But the little boy has a pair and is walking through the house. A second pair of glasses appeared from nowhere.

Correction: They find the glasses, but we don't see the boy again until the end, and he doesn't have glasses.

Sean M

Corrected entry: In the scene where Kathy gets attacked by the ghost with the cage on its head, the ghost rips up all her clothes but when she is hugging her dad you can see that her clothes aren't ripped.

Correction: The Jackal sliced up the shirt she had under her sweat jacket, and her bra. The sweat jacket wasn't damaged and it covered her sliced up clothing in the later scene.

Corrected entry: When Arthur is behind the containment spell glass and the psychic hunter is killed by a ghost he falls down on the floor in front of the glass. After Arthur see his wife and she dissapears, the camera goes to a long shot of the hall - Arthur can be seen behind the glass still but the body is missing.

Correction: The body is still there. If you watch it closely you can see his legs. The scene shown is from the other hallway so therefore you wouldnt see the whole body.

Corrected entry: The glass walls throughout the house are clearly stated in the movie to be soundproof, but then, when the psychic guy is trapped in a completely enclosed cubicle(made up by 4 of the soundproof glass walls with the ghost with the baseball bat, he and Rah Digga's character are talking to each other the whole time, if the walls are soundproof, then how can they be talking to each other?

Correction: The psychic, while running around and being attcked is saying to the effects of "What?!?" and "Huh?!?" as he is "dodging" the ghost, because he can't hear what's being said.

Corrected entry: In the ghost documentary on the DVD, it tells the story of the Hammer and it reveals that his left hand was cut off. However, in the movie he has his left hand on his arm. This is visible when Maggie and Rafkin are in the basement and the Hammer hits the glass when Rafkin turns towards it.

Correction: Seeing as they never say he lost his hand in the movie, which they don't, how exactly is this a movie mistake?

Corrected entry: In the end of the movie Arthur is looking at all the ghosts standing in the circle. The shot shows clearly that he has a line of blood down his chin. Then in the next scene the middle part of his chin has no blood.

Correction: Part of the line of blood was wiped away.


Corrected entry: When they are in the library and the ghost runs into the glass trying to get at them you can see a mark on the glass left by the makeup on the ghost's cheek.

Correction: It's not a mark, it's actually the reflection of a light.

Corrected entry: The psychic hunter puts on the ethereal glasses, sees the Latin writing on the floor and translates it as extra containment spells. In the Library scene later he looks at the spellbook and says he cannot read Latin.

Correction: He might have recognised it as a containment spell, without necessarily being able to read what it said.

Continuity mistake: When Shannon Elizabeth is attacked by the ghost she has scratches on her face, then when they are all sitting huddled in the corner the next shot of her, there are no scratches on her face. (01:30:01)

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Rafkin: I hate my job.

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Trivia: While the Withered Lover is stated to be proactive for the side of good, two other ghosts are never seen actually attacking or scaring someone. The First Born Son is more of a taunter and prankster, though the Torso seems to be more or less harmless as he doesn't even hurt Cyrus. The Dire Mother is also seen as harmless by herself, but she is accompanied by her disabled son Harold who carries an axe for protection.

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Question: How were they able to see the withered lover at the end without using glasses?

Answer: She was a trapped soul in a house full of magical spells forcing her into a pivotal configuration. When it was destroyed, she was free. Like at the end of the movie, "Ghost," a bright light shined upon her to say goodbye to her loved ones.

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