Critters 2
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Brad: Does your dad still run the newspaper?
Megan Morgan: I'm a reporter there.
Brad: Really? Kinda like a "Jimmy Olsen" with breasts.

Charlie: I gotta go where the cosmic winds blow me. I gotta go... where no man has gone before.

Megan Morgan: We need you, Harv. We Need a sheriff.
Harv: Go check the yellow pages.

Quigley: It's just a dog.
Wesley: So was "Cujo."

Brad: Look.
Megan Morgan: Where are they all going?
Brad: I don't know. Looks like some kind of critter convention.

Continuity mistake: When Brad gets to his grandma's house he is standing outside her window. He holds his bag in his left hand and switches it to his right. When it cuts, he switches again. (00:10:00)


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Trivia: In this movie, bounty-hunter Lee attempts to transform into Freddy Kruger, in A Nightmare Of Elm Street 3, the woman that plays Jennifer watches Critters 1 on TV.


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Question: Even though one of the bounty hunters took on Charlie's appearance in the first film, how and when did the real Charlie become one of the bounty hunters?

Answer: From what I recall, Charlie followed the bounty hunters as they walked away in the first film. So the implication is that they decided to let him tag along with them. (And that makes sense. After all, he helped them destroy the Krites in the first film, so he'd be useful.)


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