Death Warrant
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Blond convict: Go ahead, dust him. Blow his fucking head off!

Konefke: Dear sir, I never thought this would happen to me, but I was working the late shift and this big titties mama comes up to me.

Myerson: And, I need protection, cause another guy got spiked last night, and this is serious shit, man!

Christian 'The Sandman' Naylor: Welcome to Hell.

Louis Burke: Great. Now we have all the assholes in one room.

Christian 'The Sandman' Naylor: Bring me a dream Burke, bring me a dream.

Continuity mistake: At the jail bus arrival, the new African American inmate (with orange suit, as the other new ones) is getting off the bus handcuffed and wearing sleek black glasses, next shot, the glasses are gone (handcuffs still on). (00:10:18)

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Trivia: The cook serving dinner before Perez pulls a knife on Hawkins is Mark Disalle, one of the producers of the film.

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Question: Why was Burke's arm bleeding when he was hiding on the vents near the ceiling of the record room?

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