High Plains Drifter

High Plains Drifter (1973)


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Sarah Belding: Be careful. You're a man who makes people afraid, and that's dangerous.
The Stranger: It's what people know about themselves inside that makes 'em afraid.

The Stranger: Your feet ma'am are almost as big as your mouth.

The Stranger: You're going to look pretty silly with that knife sticking out of your ass.

The Stranger: I'd like rifles and ammunition for everyone in the regiment.
Gunsmith: What regiment?
The Stranger: The city of Lago volunteer force.
Gunsmith: Never heard of it.
The Stranger: Well you should have because your in it.

Mayor Jason Hobart: I don't know if we shouldn't mark the grave somehow, Dan?
Sheriff Dan Shaw: I don't see any need. It ain't likely anybody is gonna cry over them anyhow.

Mordacai: What did you say your name was again?
The Stranger: I didn't.
Mordecai: No. I guess you didn't at that, did you?

Lewis Belding: I got 18 people in my hotel! Where are they gonna go?
The Stranger: Out.

The Stranger: Wonder what took her so long to get mad?
Mordecai: Because maybe you didn't go back for more?

The Stranger: The only problem you've got Sheriff is a short supply of guts.

The Stranger: I'd love to oblige you. But a man's got to get his rest sometime.
Sarah Belding: Oblige me?
The Stranger: But I tell you what, if you'd come back in about half hour, I'll see what I can do, all right?

Callie Travers: Just what do you consider going too far? Isn't forcible rape in broad daylight a misdemeanor in this town?

Preacher: See here, you can't turn all these people out into the night. It is inhuman, brother. Inhuman.
The Stranger: I'm not your brother.
Preacher: We are all brothers in the eyes of God.
The Stranger: All these people, are they your sisters and brothers?
Preacher: They most certainly are.
The Stranger: ...Then you won't mind if they come over and stay at your place, will ya?

Factual error: At the start, the road the drifter rides on seems to have wide tyre tracks in it.

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Trivia: At the end of the film when the Stranger (Clint Eastwood) is riding out of Lago, he passes a midget who is painting a name on a tombstone. In the next shot you see two more tombstones to the left. The names on these are "Sergio Leone" and "Don Siegel."

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