Trojan War

Trojan War (1997)

Ending / spoiler

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Brad is about to score with Brooke and (finally) realizes that she is a mindless bimbo and that the love of his life is his best friend Leah (Jennifer Love Hewitt). Brad and Leah kiss. Don't ya just love happy endings?

Chip Douglas

Continuity mistake: When Jennifer Love Hewitt is talking to herself as she drives to pick up Will Freidle, her hair is up neatly in a butterfly clip. Then in the next shot, her hair is down. Finally, in the last shot her hair is up again.

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Leah: Is it just you three, or is your entire gender mentally deficient?
Josh: It's pretty much all of us.

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Trivia: When Brad is trying to get back to Brooke's house he gets on a bus. The bus driver goes crazy when he has no money. If you look closely on the top of the bus you can see the number 2525. The same bus number from Speed.


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