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The Producers (1967)

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Corrected entry: When Bialystock, Bloom, and Liebkind light the fuse under the theatre, it explodes much sooner than it should have, considering the distance they were from the dynamite and the rate the fuse burned at onscreen.


Correction: They're obviously not two consecutive shots - we wouldn't want to watch the few minutes pass, as the fuse burns.

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Corrected entry: When Bialystock and Bloom are in the boat in the park, the boat has only one oar. Such a rowboat would only go in a circle.


Correction: Leo has his legs over the boat in this shot, dipped in the water. He could have easily removed the oar from the holder in order to dangle his feet over the edge of the boat.

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Other mistake: After the "fat fat fatty" scene, Franz shoots his way in, starting with three bullets into the door lock. Over the next scene he fires about twelve shots, despite the fact he's firing an 8-shot Luger.

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