Men at Work

Men at Work (1990)


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Carl: Seen my gloves, compadre?
James: In the glove compartemente.

Carl: Golf clap?
James: Golf clap.

Louis: Rent-a-cops! I hate rent-a-cops too.

Louis: I hate cops.

Carl: I hate politicians.

Louis: When I feel like talking to you, I will look at you.

James: What are you doing?
Carl: I hate shitheads who bully their women.
James: So what are you going to do?
Carl: Shoot him.
James: What?
Carl: It's the principle, James.
James: With a pellet gun? What are you going to accomplish using that stupid thing?
Carl: It allows me to seriously aggravate a situation without actually changing the course of history. It also stings like a bitch.

James: Carl spends the evening with a beautiful woman and I'm stuck here with a lunatic and a corpse.

James: I wanna report a murder and a kidnapping.
Dispatcher: Did they take the body?
James: No, no, no. I have the body.
Dispatcher: Did you kill the victim?
James: No, I didn't kill him.
Dispatcher: Have you been kidnapped?
James: I'm not the one who's been kidnapped. I know this sounds really strange.
Dispatcher: I don't think we can help you, sir.
James: Well, fuck me! Isn't that what the police are supposed to do - help people?

James: What an absolutely gorgeous day. Warm Sun, beautiful women.
Carl: And the air is just right for drinking.

James: Eh, Carl?
Carl: Yeah?
James: What did you mean when you said I was hopeless?
Carl: I meant exactly... what I said.
James: I still don't understand.
Carl: Well, let's examine the word: hope-less. Less than hopeful. That's what you are.
James: Am I majorly hopeless or partially hopeless?
Carl: I'd say, majorly. Why do you ask?
James: I'll try and change.
Carl: No, you won't.

Continuity mistake: As the guys sit down for a beer and start talking, the viewing angle is from behind the one listening. As they switch to the other one who's about to say something the two bottles of beer magically turn around so you can always read the front label, no matter from which side the scene is shot.

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