Men at Work

Men at Work (1990)

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Susan Wilkins learns Jack Berger has been garroted...with the aid of Carl Taylor & James St. James she then learns that not only Maxwell Potterdam III did the deed (or rather a pair of his cronies) but uncovers him polluting the enviroment by dumping toxic waste in the ocean...which Jack opposed (for fear of evidence leaking back to him...yes he was saving his ow skin)and was subsquently killed over. With the help of nam vet Louis Fedders and a pizza delivery guy, she fittingly dumps him in a pool of of his own concotion which he has been dumping. Movie ends with our bully cops, Mike & Jeff are shown still chained to a roundabout stripped to their are the rent-a-cops who tried to arrest Louis earlier on. As the screen fades black the pizza man's girlfriend phones up the dj (who we've been listening to throughout the film) complaining about her absent beau claiming he's cheating on her...the disc jockey tells her to dump him

Revealing mistake: On the toxic plant, where James runs from the forklift coming out of the garage door, the oil drum containing Carl flips off the forklift. When the oil drum flips, you can easily see the mechanism used for flipping it. (01:17:45)

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Carl: I hate politicians.

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