Never Say Never Again

Continuity mistake: When Bond is on the phone to Mr Smallfoot he is making love to a fishing lady. She is on top but next shot he is. (00:55:45)

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Suggested correction: Before Smallfoot calls Bond is actually lying on his left side and leaning over the lady, facing the window. To answer the Smallfoot's call, he rolls over onto his right side, facing the phone. He then rolls back over onto the left side and leans over the lady again. While it does appear that the shot from before the call may have been reused for this, there would be plenty of time for him roll over from one side to the other, which only takes a moment.

Audio problem: When Bond shoots Fatima with the pen, first the is a small puff-sound, and then a larger boom-sound after the projectile hits her, but before it explodes. What makes the second sound? (01:28:35)

Jacob La Cour

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Suggested correction: The pen rocket didn't use an impact detonator, so the miniature rocket had to expend all its fuel before its explosive payload detonated. That was the weapon's malfunction when Bond tried to use it on Fatima Blush: the rocket did not expend all its fuel and simply lodged in her clothing. Then the rocket fuel reignited, producing a sputtering hiss for a moment before the powerful explosives actually detonated, blasting Fatima into confetti.

Charles Austin Miller

It's also a three-stage blast. The first bang is Fatima's torso detonating (which is actually not that large an explosion), followed by another blast that disperses fuel for the third blast, which was pretty powerful for an indoor explosion.

Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: When Bond and Felix Leiter are underwater snooping around Lago's boat, Felix can be seen in diving gear minus hat. After Bond gets sucked into the boat and Felix returns to land, you can see Felix take off the hat that was not in the previous scene. (01:30:30 - 01:32:50)

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Q: Welcome back, Mr. Bond. I trust there will be lots of gratuitous sex and violence occurring.

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Question: Sean Connery took dancing lessons for 11 years in his youth, and he surely knew how to dance when he made this film in his 50s. So, why is his choreographed tango with Kim Basinger in this film so painfully, embarrassingly awkward and heavily edited? Is this perhaps due to the fact that Kim Basinger had virtually no dancing skills?

Charles Austin Miller

Chosen answer: Neither is a professional dancer. Having studied dancing some thirty years before does not mean someone has retained the same level of skills. As you mentioned, Connery was in his 50s by that time.

raywest Premium member

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