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Corrected entry: When Bond and Largo are playing Domination - in the round about the US - Bond is in pain even before he has lost. But the shock only came when a player lost.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: No, the pain comes gradually as the game goes on. The reason Bond lost the first game was because he wasn't expecting the shock and instinctively let go when he felt it (which cost him the game); the second time he loses, it was because he got nuked, and Largo clearly explained that's an automatic loss for the player. If you recall in the fourth and final game, Largo is also in pain before he loses, so it's obvious that the player doesn't feel pain only when they lose.

Corrected entry: Nigel Small-Fawcett calls James Bond in the fishing lady's hotel room and James hangs up. James Bond's motel room is later blown up by Fatima Blush, so then Bond says to the fishing lady, "looks like we made the right choice for 'my place or yours'". So then, Nigel could not have known which room Bond was in. (00:55:20)

Correction: Actually, Nigel greets Bond on the phone by telling him how hard it was to track him down, implying he wasn't in his room. Nigel could have been talking with various hotel staffers before someone realized Bond was with the fishing girl.


Corrected entry: When Bond and Domino jump from the wall of Palmyra, the Arabs are shooting at them from above. Bond and Domino dive, and try to hide by swimming under water. But if seen from 20 meters above, they would be just as easy to see in the clear water, swimming just below the surface.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: They're not necessarily trying to hide, but trying to avoid getting shot. Once the bullets hit water, they slow down drastically, reducing the chances they would be injured or killed.


Corrected entry: Bond escapes from the bad guys - of course - by climbing into the village well and swimming to the undersea cavern, emerging in the surf on a nearby beach. All well and good, but I wouldn't want to live in that village - their water supply comes from the sea. They're drinking salt water.

Correction: Unless the cavern is an underground river, leading to the sea. In which case it would be fresh water.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bond fights Lippe in the health clinic you see the time is midday on a big clock but in a shot of a different clock in a different room the time has elapsed by hours.

Correction: It is entirely possible that the smaller clock either stopped, if it was on battery power, or was not set correctly.


Corrected entry: How does Rowan Atkinson's character know to call Bond at the fishing lady's room when they're making love? If he knows that Bond is in that woman's room, he seems awfully shocked when Bond's room blows up.

Correction: He might just have called the lobby, where Bond and "Fishing Lady" arrived together and collected their keys. It is very possible that he was told where to call Bond.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, James Bond (Sean Connery), has been chained to the wall of a castle by the evil villain and left to die, eventually to be eaten by the lurking vultures. As he is escaping, a guard comes to check on him while carrying a AK-47 rifle. Fortunately for Bond, the rifle is empty as there is no ammunition magazine inserted into the gun.

Correction: The gun seems to be not an AK-47, but a SKS semi-auto carbine. While it uses also the same ammo, and has a similar-looking frontal barrel-and-stock arrangement, it has an integral 10-shot magazine which hardly protrudes from the weapon, and no pistol grip - and the way the guard holds it, the SKS is more likely to be it, even though the integral foldover bayonet is missing.

Corrected entry: When some bloke is falling from a tower towards the sea, you can hear a splash but he is still falling, you can see his shadow.

Correction: Actually the shadow that follows the man is of his AK-47 gun, Bond lets the man drop and then drops his gun afterwards.

Never Say Never Again mistake picture

Factual error: When we first see Fatima Blush she is waterskiing. She is doing several stunts which are only possible with one ski, the most notable being skiing backwards with one foot in the air. But when she releases the tow rope and skis up the ramp into James Bond's arms, she is on two skis. (00:45:55)

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Q: Welcome back, Mr. Bond. I trust there will be lots of gratuitous sex and violence occurring.

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Trivia: When Bond punches the bouncer outside Largo's casino you can see a sign saying CASINO ROYALE, this was the first 007 novel Fleming ever wrote.

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Question: Sean Connery took dancing lessons for 11 years in his youth, and he surely knew how to dance when he made this film in his 50s. So, why is his choreographed tango with Kim Basinger in this film so painfully, embarrassingly awkward and heavily edited? Is this perhaps due to the fact that Kim Basinger had virtually no dancing skills?

Charles Austin Miller

Chosen answer: Neither is a professional dancer. Having studied dancing some thirty years before does not mean someone has retained the same level of skills. As you mentioned, Connery was in his 50s by that time.

raywest Premium member

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