Lawrence of Arabia

Trivia: There is not a single speaking role for a woman in the entire film.

Trivia: According to Peter O'Toole, he and Omar Sharif were so nervous about possibly falling off the galloping camels that they both got roaring drunk the day the scene was to be shot, and Sharif decided to tie himself onto the animal. After racing down a sand dune on camelback, O'Toole turned to find Sharif's camel standing in a pond with its alcohol-anesthetized rider dangling upside-down by one foot. A crew member proceeded to "sober" Sharif by cutting the bindings and allowing him to fall head first into the water. (As told to Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" March 24, 2008).

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Trivia: Director David Lean has a cameo as the motorcyclist at the Suez Canal who cries out to Lawrence, "Who are you?"


Trivia: Descendants of Auda abu Tayi sued Columbia Pictures over the portrayal of their ancestor as someone only interested in loot and money. It is true that Auda did join the Arab revolt for monetary reasons at first, but he became a steadfast supporter of Arab independence. The suit went on for over ten years before the plaintiffs finally dropped the case.


Trivia: Peter O'Toole is a great actor, and delivers a commanding performance as 'Lawrence Of Arabia'. Much of the presence that he exudes when portraying T.E. Lawrence derives from his height (Peter O'Toole is 6 foot 2 inches tall). But Lawrence of Arabia was only 5 foot 5 inches tall (at a time when the average height for men was 5 foot 9 inches). For much of his life T.E. Lawrence forced himself to great tests of endurance to increase his strength and stamina, it is possible that this was to compensate for feelings of inferiority over his short stature.

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Continuity mistake: The shadows in the scene with Lawrence sleeping on his camel are short because it's the middle of the day. In the next shot you see long shadows on the sand. When Ali wakes up Lawrence they are short again. (01:01:41)

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