Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Corrected entry: If Tommy was locked up in a mental institution, how exactly did he know where Jason was buried? (00:04:00)

Correction: Crystal Lake is a small town, there's probably only one cemetery.

Orlando Rocha

That's a valid explanation, but there is another possibility. Jason's antics would have been legendary, and his final resting place would have been well known in the community. Just asking around would have probably been enough for Tommy to track down Jason's grave.


Corrected entry: In the triple decapitation, the cord that pulls the bodies back is visible.

Corrected entry: When Tommy and his friend have dug up Jason's grave they have dug at least a foot down around the coffin. Why would they do that when all they have to do is uncover the lid on the coffin and remove it? (00:03:25)


Correction: They dug at least foot down around the coffin because Tommy wanted to destroy Jason completely.

Corrected entry: When Jason has Nikki in the bathroom of the RV, he slams her face into the wall, creating quite an impression of her face in the outside of the RV. Yet when the RV flips over, we can see that the face impression is gone. (00:38:35)

Correction: The RV landed on its left side, the same side the bathroom was on, so it would be facing the road.


Corrected entry: After the sheriff tells Megan they found Court's body, she asks what time, and she tells him that her and Tommy were together all that time, but Court was killed long before Tommy even called Megan.


Correction: She does not believe Tommy committed any murders. She tells her dad that Tommy was with her at the time in hopes he will believe her and let Tommy go. As you can see by his reaction, he doesn't believe her.


Corrected entry: In the film Megan is driving in her Camaro with Tommy, when they come across Officer Pappas on the backroads. Megan was warned by her father not to have any contact with Tommy, so to risk getting caught she puts her car in reverse and drives away. Officer Pappas calls in her license plate number as she is driving away backwards. However, Megan's car did not have a front license plate. (00:49:05)

Correction: Actually he calls in the license plate number as he is chasing her in his vehicle. Therefore he got the numbers off the back license plates, not the front.


Corrected entry: After Tommy has been arrested and is back at the Sheriff's station, we can see that Tommy is wearing handcuffs while Megan and the Sheriff argue. After the Sheriff leaves, the Deputy grabs Tommy and throws him into the jail cell. 2 minutes later, when Megan entices Tommy to distract the Deputy, he is no longer wearing the handcuffs at all. Yet the Deputy never took the cuffs off him. (00:53:25)

Correction: It's a normal procedure to lock the prisoner inside the cell before removing the handcuffs. That's what the Deputy did, we just never saw it.


Corrected entry: In the forest scene where Jason kills that guy with the machute by ripping his arm off, Jason nor the guy are wearing a utilty belt, but in the next scene with Jason, Jason is wearing a utilty belt and keeps wearing it through the movie. Where did he get the utilty belt from?

Correction: If you look carefully, the man with the machete is wearing a utility belt.

Other mistake: In the final scene of the movie, Megan starts a boat motor and uses the propeller to hit Jason in the face, who has been chained down underwater. But if Jason can only barely reach her foot from underwater, there's no way the boat propeller is underwater far enough to reach his face. (01:17:50)

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Suggested correction: The boat was driven a good ways, it's not like they were shallow and then all of a sudden deep. They were deep for a little bit. I mean not so deep like the ocean, but it was a good enough ways for someone to drown. Megan is tall for a girl and Jason is a big guy and the propeller is right at his head/neck.

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Tommy: I went to go cremate Jason but I fucked up.
Deputy Rick: You got that right.

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Trivia: In the original script, there was a scene where Jason's father visits the empty grave. It was shot, but removed from the final version of the movie.


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Question: Normally, whenever Jason gets shot, struck with a machete or an axe, or stabbed with a knife, he shrugs it off. So why was he angry when Roy shot him with a paint gun?


Chosen answer: He wasn't really angry, more like confused and annoyed at having paint shot at him.

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