Trivia: Denise Richards as a kid tells the boy that she'd rather be boiled alive than dance with him. She dies precisely that way later in the movie.

Trivia: Adam's girlfriend makes a reference to him being "no Angel". David Boreanaz, who plays Adam, plays Angel/Angelus on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off series, Angel.

Trivia: The guy playing the corpse in the scene when Shelly is killed, is actually a good friend of the director Jamie Blanks.

Trivia: There was a deleted scene explaining that the grown-up boys from the prologue (who beat up Jeremy at the dance) were found dead shortly before the events of the film, implying that they were also murdered, but it was cut for whatever reason. Ironically, this would have solved one of the major complaints audiences had with the film, which is that Jeremy is going after the girls who rejected him instead of the boys who bullied him - he was actually meant to be going after ALL of them.


Trivia: As of 2022, this is the only widely-released theatrical film to feature David Boreanaz in a starring role. His only other starring film roles have been in TV-movies, limited releases and direct-to-video movies. (Although thankfully, he is an incredibly successful television actor).


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Suggested correction: Those are very narrow parameters that could describe a lot of TV actors, but how would you classify "The Mighty Macs" (2009)? He has a starring role that opened to almost 1,000 theaters its opening week and remained in theaters over a month (albeit with reducing numbers of theaters showing the film).


Continuity mistake: When Dorothy is letting Campbell live in her home, he picks up his bag and puts it on his shoulder. When he leans in to kiss her, there is no strap on his shoulder, then it's back again in the next shot.

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Ruthie: Watch your back... leech.

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Question: Whenever Adam / Jeremy Melton is the killer and he kills one of the girls his nose starts to bleed, obviously from all the stress he has to go through to kill them. But whenever he's not the killer, why doesn't his nose bleed? Until at the very end when his nose starts bleeding on to Kate.


Answer: Plot hole? Or perhaps Adam's / Jeremy's nose was bleeding because he was about to snap Kate's neck. Or it was because he was so happy.

Alan Keddie

He killed Dorothy at the end that could be why his nose bleeds.

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