Trivia: The Baby "Toby" is played by Toby Froud, the son of the man who did the character design, Brian Froud.

Trivia: In the scene where you get a look at Sarah's bedroom, if you look closely you'll see that many of the objects in her room resemble people or obstacles she meets in the Labyrinth. For example the book ends holding up her books look like Hoggle, she has a toy maze (labyrinth) and the doll in the music box is dressed in the same dress she wears at the ball. The music box also plays the tune of the song that Jareth sings to her at the ball.

Trivia: In every scene where Sarah is sitting at her vanity table, to the right of the screen you can see a doll that resembles Jareth, complete with crystal ball.

Trivia: Another "Hidden" face. After talking to the wiseman, there is a wide shot of Hoggle and Sarah walking through a hedge maze, and Hoggle talks to Sarah about being her friend. On the left side of the screen, on the stone floor, a face can made out. (00:39:25)

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Trivia: More shots that Jareth's "hidden" face is visible are at the Bog of Eternal Stench. When Hoggle hangs on as Sarah tries to pull him up, he says, "Oh it doesn't matter what it's like. It's a bog of Eternal Stench." In the next wide shot when he yells, "Help." and then after the stone ground gives way under their feet, in the two wide shots, Jareth's face is seen on the jagged stone wall on the right of the screen. (00:37:35 - 00:55:30)

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Trivia: These all come straight from the Labyrinth DVD. The Goblin City required the biggest panoramic backcloth ever made. The Enchanted Forest that Sarah visits was constructed from 40,000 sprays of artificial leaves, 120 truckloads of tree branches, 1,200 turfs of grass, 850 pounds of dried leaves and 133 bags of linchen. The Shaft of Helping Hands was made up of 150 human hands as well as 200 foam rubber hands. The Bog of Eternal Stench has to be the best effect in the whole movie, it was made up of 30,000 gallons of water, mixed with a ton of celacol (stuff to thicken the water with, a paste almost) brown and blue dyes, liquid paraffin and hundreds of little glass beads were also thrown in to add to the effect.

Trivia: At the very start of the scene where Jareth gives Hoggle the 'poison' peach, there are four rocks which Hoggle walks past. They each make a part of Jareth's face- chin, nose/mouth, eyes/forehead and hair. When Jareth appears, he is leaning on one of the rocks, but from that angle, his face is no longer apparent.

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Trivia: Just after the worm says, "If she had kept on going down that way, she'd gone straight to that castle.", there is a wide shot of Sarah in the stone wall maze and Jareth's hidden face is visible on one of the straight stone walls of the maze at the upper right of the screen. (00:21:55)

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Trivia: One of the Fireys is portrayed by Kevin Clash, better known as "Elmo" on the children's show "Sesame Street."

Trivia: When Sarah and her friends reach the castle doors, notice the two milk bottles. A Henson trademark.

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Trivia: When David Bowie is wiggling the crystal ball on his hands/fingers in front of Jennifer Connelly (the gift he offered Jennifer Connelly in the beginning of the film, so she would give up the search for her brother) it is in fact someone standing behind him whose arms are David Bowie's pretend arms, as it is very difficult to do for a 'lay' person and even the artist (who couldn't see what he was doing) wasn't perfect, as it required numerous takes to get it right.

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Trivia: This is only on the DVD. As Hoggle walks off saying "There's one thing for sure, she'll never get through the labyrinth" look at the top left corner of the screen and you'll see the face of Jareth (David Bowie.) You see his face again, when Sarah and friends are walking through the forest, and Sir Didymus says "We should reach the castle well before day." Look at a tree to the right of the screen and you'll see the face.

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Trivia: For all the films scenes, the actor inside ludo needed a video-camera sticking out of a horn so he could see.

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Trivia: When Sarah enters her "room" at the dump, if you look to the left on a shelf, there's a book of some sort titled "Slashing Machine." The picture on it is almost identical to "The Cleaners" machine which tried to attack Sarah and Hoggle earlier on in the film. (01:08:30)

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Trivia: The door-knockers in the hedgerow maze look and behave remarkably like the two elderly characters (Statler and Waldorf) satirically criticizing the 'Muppet Show' (another Jim Henson creation).

Trivia: At the beginning of the movie in Sarah's room, if you look closely at her scrap book on her table you can see a newspaper clipping featuring her biological mother and new husband - David Bowie.

Trivia: Jim Henson's son Brian provides the voice for Hoggle, and well as various goblins throughout the film.

Trivia: After the cleaners come after Hoggle and Sarah, they start up a ladder. Hoggle steps on a rung and it comes lose and Hoggle almost falls. Then they show the rung falling. At this point look to the right in the rocks you can see Jareth's face. (00:37:35)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Sarah and Hoggle are in the Bog of Eternal Stench and they almost fall in, look in the top left hand corner of the overhead shot and you will see a boom microphone. (Only on Blu-ray edition). (00:53:40)

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Jareth: I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.

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Question: Can anyone tell me the significance of Jareth's necklace? Throughout the movie it is silver with a gold center circle. But in his last scene with Sarah after the Escher room, it is reversed- now gold with a silver center circle.

Answer: The necklace is a symbol of Jareth's power throughout the story. All the time that Sarah is in the Labyrinth, Jareth has more power than her, because she doesn't really know what she's doing, and isn't taking one particular path, just getting lucky at the right times. At the end, as we all know, Sarah triumphs, and Jareth's necklace changes to admit his defeat.

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