Fright Night

Question: When Evil is walking down the alley, why did Jerry chase after him? Evil didn't believe in the existence of vampires, so he wouldn't have been a threat to Jerry at all.

Answer: Peter's odd behavior at Jerry's house made Jerry suspicious. When he discovers the shard of the mirror on the ground he finds out why Peter was spooked: Jerry doesn't cast a reflection. Jerry then decided that Charley's friends must be dealt with. In Ed, Jerry sees something which would lead him to believe Ed would make a good servant. Jerry turns Ed into a vampire and sets him against Peter while he himself deals with Charley and Amy.


Question: What exactly is Billy Cole supposed to be? We know he is not a vampire because it roams around in the daytime, and we see his reflection in Peter Vincent's mirror, but after he is shot in the head, he turns into some kind of creature. So what is he?


Chosen answer: I would assume a "thrall" basically a ghoul that is attached to the vampire. A ghoul in old lore was created when a vampire gave blood to a living person, but did not take their blood first. They were then their daytime slaves, doing errands, finding victims for them, and took care of the vampire's body when the sun was out.

Billy was to Jerry... what Renfield was to Dracula. Slave, daytime watcher.

Question: During the scene where Dandridge is enthralling and dancing with Amy in the nightclub, the song they're dancing to sounds similar to REM's "Personal Jesus", but I don't believe it is that song. I can't tell what song it might be or even if it is on the soundtrack listing on IMDB. Does anyone know the name of that song and what group/person/composer is playing it?

Diana Lucas

Chosen answer: First of all, REM didn't record "Personal Jesus," Depeche Mode did. The song I think you're referring to is Ian Hunter's "Good Man in a Bad Time." The other song Amy and Jerry danced to was Evelyn Champagne King's "Give it Up" which could never be confused with "Personal Jesus." I hope this helps!

Question: Jerry turned Evil into a vampire but he was actually a werewolf when he attacked Peter? So how did that work?

Answer: Traditionally, vampires could turn into wolves. Dracula uses a wolf form throughout the original novel by Bram Stoker, so it isn't completely unheard of. Ed is definitely a vampire but he is one who can also turn into a wolf. Whether or not he can also turn into a bat like Jerry is unknown. Whether or not Jerry can also turn into a wolf is unknown.


Answer: After Charlie stabs Jerry with the pencil, Peter Vincent appears on the Fright Night TV show and says, "Do you know, there are some people who don't believe in Vampires? I do, because I know they exist. I have fought them in all their guises: MAN. BAT. WOLF. And I have always WON..."


Question: When Jerry reveals himself to be a vampire in Charlie's room (the pencil stabbing scene), Jerry flees when Charlie's mother is about to enter the room. Why exactly is Jerry afraid of Charlie's mother?


Chosen answer: The mother is not a direct threat to Jerry. Jerry doesn't want anyone to know he is a vampire.

William Bergquist

Question: Why didn't the holy water work? What did Jerry holding the vial over the fire have to do with anything? Did that somehow make the water un-holy?


Chosen answer: Because it wasn't real holy water. Peter Vincent never believed that vampires were real, and was simply humoring the boy. He probably filled the vial with regular water.

Answer: Evil Ed phones Jerry to ask if they can bring Charlie over to prove to him that he (Jerry) isn't a vampire. Jerry lies to them that he is a born again Christian, and he thinks crosses would be sacrilegious. Peter Vincent: "Ask how he feels about Holy water." Evil Ed: *To Jerry, "How about holy water?" *To Peter, "No, won't do, either." Peter: "Tell him it's just ordinary tap water, all he has to do is sip it!" When Jerry drinks the water, Charlie says, "It's not possible," Peter says, "No vampire can drink blessed water," Charlie realises it's a scam and says, "It wasn't blessed."


So basically, Vincent was lying all along, just to give himself the satisfaction of proving Charlie wrong, even though Vincent made the remark, "Are you calling me a liar, young man?"

Question: What was the picture of in the stained glass window?

Answer: As you are already aware, it is difficult to see! As far as I can tell, the large inner circle contains flowers - perhaps one large sunflower at the top and several smaller red flowers (such as tulips or roses) elsewhere plus a deer (or wolf or werewolf) smelling or eating a pumpkin or flowers/grass. The outer two concentric circles appear to be the artist's geometrical designs.


Question: At the end, Charley sees a set of glowing red eyes in the window. Could they be Evil's? The reason I think this is I wasn't to convinced he was really dead after Peter stabbed him. Or could they be Charley's mom's eyes, since we don't know if Evil was really telling the truth about her having to work nights, and attacked her. Or could Charley's eyes just be playing tricks on him?

Answer: There's really no way to answer this, because this scene was just intended as a stinger for the audience. Stingers like these are often added to the end of horror films. You could make an argument that it's supposed to be Evil Ed; the audio from earlier in the film is played with his laugh and the "You're so cool, Brewster!" line. But that wouldn't make sense because if Ed wasn't really dead he would have been freed from being a vampire when Jerry is killed just like Amy. Its definitely not Charley's mother, she is most certainly alive and well. The scene plays out like Charley's eyes may be playing tricks on him. In short, it's not really supposed to be anyone's eyes in particular. It's really just something added to the end of the film to get a rise out of the audience.


Revealing mistake: When Charley stabs Dandridge in the hand with his pencil, he stabs the hand holding him by the neck. The depth of the wound on Dandridge's hand reveals that the pencil should have stabbed Charlie in his neck and given him a severe wound, if not kill him.


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Trivia: The drink that Jerry has in his hand while sitting in the living room is a Bloody Mary.

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