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Corrected entry: Right before Peter starts his car and speeds away from Charley, who is desperately pleading for help with his vampire situation, a reflection of the camera is visible in its rear window for a few seconds. (00:37:05)


Correction: I thought so too. But it is the reflection of the power line behind Charlie, not a camera.


Corrected entry: When Jerry Dandridge is about to drop Charley out the window, if you watch the upper right hand corner of the screen when he starts pushing him out, you see Charley's shirt rip from the nails in the window. But you never see, or hear about it again.

Correction: We don't need to hear about it again, it's not a plot point.


Corrected entry: During the club scene where Dandridge and Amy are dancing, her hair is flat. She walks away from him and turns back around, now her hair is curled and fluffed up.

Correction: Her change during the disco scene is all part of Dandridges hypnotism of her. Turning her from a skitty little teenager to a seductive soon-to-be woman. One who can be lured away from her boyfriend...

Corrected entry: In the Peter Vincent video on the television at the beginning of the movie he raises a stake beside his head to kill his victim. The point of the stake is facing backwards.

Correction: The "backward stake" is a deliberate part of the film. It signifies a typical "B-Grade Peter Vincent movie" - eg- bad acting, lousy dialogue, and poor continuity. The stake just reinforced this.

Corrected entry: When the police detective Lennox and Charlie confront Cole in Jerry Dandridge's house, Charlie accuses him and his "housemate" of being vampires.Cole laughs, but Lennox mutters something almost inaudible, it's the words,"for heaven's sake." He then quickly and more loudly shouts "what the hell are you talking about." Later in the same scene Lennox next line is "for heaven's sake", this time said at normal volume and appropriate to the conversation. The actor may have gotten confused as to which line was next and managed to get away with it and this was the take that was actually used. (00:19:00)


Correction: He was repeating his disbelief. Something that occurs in real life.


Corrected entry: When Charlie and Peter Vincent are trying to save the Charlie's girlfriend, Peter says they can save her if they kill the vampire before dawn. When they knock out the windows in the basement to let light in, that's an indication it's not before dawn, it's after. Yet, they still save the girl.

Correction: True, Dandridge was not yet "dead", but he was not "sleeping" either. His rest was disturbed, he was battling for survival since before dawn, the battle just lasted until the sun rose. Since he was not in his rest state at dawn, we can assume she didn't undergo the transformation as usual.


Other mistake: Before the wolf changes back into Evil Ed you can see the black cables pulling the fake wolf across the carpet.

Leonard Hassen

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Evil Ed: Oh, you're so cool, Brewster.

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Trivia: The drink that Jerry has in his hand while sitting in the living room is a Bloody Mary.

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Question: When Evil is walking down the alley, why did Jerry chase after him? Evil didn't believe in the existence of vampires, so he wouldn't have been a threat to Jerry at all.

Answer: Peter's odd behavior at Jerry's house made Jerry suspicious. When he discovers the shard of the mirror on the ground he finds out why Peter was spooked: Jerry doesn't cast a reflection. Jerry then decided that Charley's friends must be dealt with. In Ed, Jerry sees something which would lead him to believe Ed would make a good servant. Jerry turns Ed into a vampire and sets him against Peter while he himself deals with Charley and Amy.


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