Some Like It Hot

Other mistake: In the opening chase-scene when the whisky-filled coffin is hit by bullets, whisky flows out of holes even above the liquid-level. (00:02:50)

Other mistake: In at least two scenes, when they are checking in to the hotel in Florida, and later when the "girls" are trying to escape, the "bull fiddle" is much smaller, the size of a cello instead of a bass violin. A bass violin is a very large instrument, and wouldn't it have been funnier to have "Daphne" carrying a case the true size of a bass violin?

Continuity mistake: At night, on the train, Sugar gets the curtains stuck between the ladder and the side of the berth. In the next shot she opens the curtains while standing on the ladder and without moving it. (00:36:05)

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Jerry: Now you've done it! Now you have done it.
Joe: Done what?
Jerry: You tore off one of my chests.

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Trivia: Marilyn Monroe was pregnant throughout the filming, which is why she was so nervous. Because she was noticeably heavier for this film, many posters had her head superimposed of another model's body.

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Question: I'm sure I have seen this film in colour. Does anyone know if it has ever been shown in colour?


Chosen answer: I've seen it colorized several times on TNT and FMC.

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