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Continuity mistake: The first time Helen is at Cabrini Green and she goes through the medicine cabinet into the other apartment she has to actually crawl through the small opening in the wall where the medicine cabinet is, but when she goes back at the end to find the baby the hole in the wall has grown considerably, she just crouches and walks right through.

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Suggested correction: The hole became bigger because the Candyman is there now. Do you expect him to crawl?

I don't expect him to have to go through the opening at all since he is the Candyman. He can get into places without walking through a physical opening.

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Factual error: When Virginia Madsen's character sees Candyman in the mental hospital, a male nurse calls for the injection of 1000 milliliters of sedative to calm her down. 1000 milliliters is equal to 1 liter, which certainly could not be injected, let alone as fast as it was.

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Suggested correction: The nurse said 1000mg, which is true and accurate wording for medication.

First off, he actually said "bring me a thousand mills." Second, 1 gram equals 1 milliliter, one is liquid and one is solid.


Visible crew/equipment: When Helen and the Candyman are in the psychiatrists' office, Candyman flies out of the window backwards. If you look very carefully, you can see the harness that pulls him backwards.

Continuity mistake: When the Candyman breaks the window to escape the psychiatrist's office at the hospital, there are shards of glass in the frame. In subsequent shots, when Helen, or Virginia Madsen, goes to the window, all of the glass has been cleared.

Continuity mistake: When Virginia Madsen goes to the bathroom in her apartment and opens the medicine cabinet. At this point Candyman's arm comes through the medicine cabinet but it only breaks through the upper part of the cabinet, leaving the lower part intact. The angle then changes to a side view to show his arm reaching straight out at her. The arm does not move downwards but in the next shot, as she turns to escape, the whole cabinet is broken through.

Visible crew/equipment: When Virginia Madsen and her friend are in her apartment, and are about to check out the mirror, they walk down a long hallway. At the beginning of this shot, they both pass the camera and it begins to follow them, displaying a shadow on their shirts as well as the wall. (00:13:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Candyman gets Virginia Madsen in her kitchen he stabs her in the back of the neck and you see a good amount of blood, in one line, run down the middle of her chest but in the next shot not only has the blood changed place but there's now two lines of blood trickling down instead of just one.

Continuity mistake: When Candyman kills Dr. Burke, blood splatters on Helen, leaving three smudges on her right cheek, right along the jaw. These smudges keep moving around. First, she has a spot right next to her chin. After Candyman has cut her restraints, we get a close-up of Helen, and the blood by her chin is gone. As she gets up and prepares to climb out the window, another spot has appeared on her right cheekbone. (01:08:20)


Continuity mistake: When Helen is strapped to the gurney and sees Candyman floating over her, she starts twitching and screaming, making the nurses rush in and sedate her. But when the surveillance tapes from the same scene is shown, it plays out differently. The first time, Helen just shouts, "Murderer! Help!" and the nurses immediately arrive, on the tapes she screams for a longer time, and twice calls out, "He's here! He's under the bed!" (01:01:45 - 01:05:55)


Continuity mistake: During the first appearance of the true Candyman, there is sunlight where he is standing. The sunlight disappears in the close-up.

Continuity mistake: At the hospital, Helen has black shoes she takes from the nurse. At Candyman's place when she get up to the top, she has on matching blue shoes.

Audio problem: At the police station, Helen and Jake are talking. When the camera is on Jake, Helen says her lines but her mouth and the words are out of sync.


Anne-Marie McCoy: White people never come 'round here except to cause us a problem.
Helen Lyle: Believe me, that's not what we want to do.

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Trivia: Part of the film was actually shot at the infamous Cabrini-Green housing projects. The crew had to pay off members of local street-gangs in order to maintain a peaceful shoot. (Although allegedly, one bullet was fired at a production vehicle during photography).

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Question: There is a major issue that I've never seen addressed. Candyman kidnaps baby Anthony the day Helen is in Anne Marie's apartment. She is then arrested and bailed out later that day. Then the following day Candyman kills Bernadette and Helen is hospitalized. A month later she meets with Dr Burke. So at minimum we have a month and a day that Candyman has the newborn. Who cares for the baby who an entire month? Candyman?

Answer: I don't see how it's a major issue. It's pretty obvious we are to presume that Candyman takes care of the baby in the meantime so he can use it for his plan.


Answer: There is a scene where Candyman feeds the infant some honey. There isn't a need to stretch one's imagination to determine that he is the one that takes care of the infant during the entire period in question.


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