Beyond the Law

Beyond the Law (1993)


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Virgil: You're not dirty enough. You're not crazy enough.
Dan Saxon: I'm getting really fucking tired of hearing you say that.
Virgil: Yeah? Well being tired is a lot better than being dead, man.

Dan Saxon: He saved my life.
Renee: He saved Sid's life. Can you even tell the difference anymore?

Bogus Charlie: Something else my grandfather told me. What a true apache had to do, when surrounded, and out-numbered by crazy white men with guns.
Dan Saxon: What's that?
Bogus Charlie: Give the fuck up.

Blood: Shut up! Don't say anything, don't do anything, just fucking sit there.

Continuity mistake: After Saxon gets pulled over with the heroin dealer in the back he kicks the driver door off the car to get out. When he takes off again, the inside of the door is back on the car.

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