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Corrected entry: After Dennis makes Mr. Wilson miss the blossoming of his 40-year-old plant, Mr. Wilson tells the boy, "I don't want to see you, I don't want to know you. Get out of my way." However, when Dennis runs away and Mr. Wilson starts to feel guilty, we hear him recount in his head all the angry comments he ever made to or about Dennis. This time it comes out, "I don't want to know you, I don't want to see you. Get out of my way."

Correction: It's just one tiny switch in phrasing and it's Mr. Wilson's memory. Memories aren't perfect. It's alright for his memory to switch the wording around.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gunther is sitting in his backyard playing with an apple, Switchbade Sam walks up to him and stabs the apple right out of Gunther's hand. If you look at it in slow motion you can see that the hand holding the apple as Sam stabs it is plastic.

Correction: Slow motion is not a movie mistake, as the rules state.


Corrected entry: When Dennis is in the garage trying to clean up the spilled paint, he is using a shop vac. When he takes it outside to empty it, he hits a switch to change the vac from suck to blow. Shop vacs don't work this way. They have two openings on the device, one for pulling air in, and the other for pushing air out. In order to use the vac as a blower, you must take the hose out of one hole and put it into the other. The switch was also mislabeled: the switch labeled "In" and "Out" is in reality the On/Off switch.

Correction: Actually there are some shop vacs that simply reverse the direction of the motor and the that changes the suck and blow holes around.

Corrected entry: When Dennis gets off his bike, it tips back and the bad guy falls. Dennis is much lighter than the bad guy, so how could he balance the wagon?

Correction: The combined weight of Dennis AND the bike is more than that of the bad guy, but when Dennis hops off, the weight of the bike alone is lighter than him, resulting in the tipping back you see on screen.


Corrected entry: When the guy who kidnap Dennis fall from the railroad bridge, a kind of matress is visible in the water under him.

Dr Wilson

Correction: It isn't a matress. It's a plank floating around in the water.

Corrected entry: Where Dennis pushes the "Print" button at the end, we can see the last of the lady's images (2-3 copies) come through the machine after she fell to the ground, but then the photocopier stops copying. Shouldn't it continue copying after she's fallen?

Correction: It depends on how many copies she asked for, possibly 2 or 3, and on how much paper was inside the copier.

Continuity mistake: When Dennis is in Mr. WIlson's bathroom after his bath, pouring mouthwash in his nose spray, Dennis has toothpaste all over his chin and mouth. When they show Dennis from the side, it is gone. From the front it is there again. This happens several times in the shot.

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Dennis: How old is this bed?
Mrs. Martha Wilson: It belonged to my mother.
Dennis: Where's she sleeping now?
Mrs. Martha Wilson: She's been gone many years, Dennis.
Dennis: On business?
Mrs. Martha Wilson: No, she's in Heaven.
Dennis: Oh, there's an awful lot of people in Heaven, especially old people.

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Trivia: The film was released as "Dennis" in the United Kingdom in order to avoid confusion with the British comic strip character, "Dennis the Menace."

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Question: Why does George go to find Dennis since he hates him? Did he also expect Dennis to listen to him after he had just scolded Dennis?


Chosen answer: He doesn't hate Dennis and does not want anything to happen to him. He's just a rather crotchety old man who is annoyed by a precocious kid. He may not expect Dennis to listen to him, but he at least makes the effort to reach out as most adults would.

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