Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
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Andi Brand: You would lie for a lie, but you won't lie for the truth.

Birdie Jay: Like Miles said, I'm a truth teller. Some people can't handle it.
Benoit Blanc: It's a dangerous thing to mistake speaking without thought for speaking the truth. Don't you think?
Birdie Jay: Are you calling me dangerous?
Benoit Blanc: We'll see.

Benoit Blanc: You dimwitted... brainless... JACKASS! Your one murder with any panache at all, and you stole the whole idea from me.

Andi Brand: Your fuel of the future just barbecued the world's most famous painting, you dumbass. Congratulations on the public launch of Klear, and the end of Miles Bron. You're ruined. And you did get your wish - to forever be remembered in the same breath as the Mona Lisa.

Continuity mistake: The first time we see the scene of Birdie sitting poolside waxing about her and Miles' fame, she brings her left hand up to hold down the side of her large hat, which obscures the camera from seeing Ms. Brand sitting down next to her, and when done speaking she pulls the hat down from the brim. When the scene is shown later a second time from Brand's point of view, when Birdie is talking she isn't holding the side of her hat, and takes it off from the top.


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Trivia: Miles Bron's dining room features several paintings, from the most famous painting in the world the Mona Lisa to others, sometimes with garish self-insertions of Miles himself. One of the paintings is Mark Rothko's Number 207 (Red over Dark Blue on Dark Gray), which Rian Johnson explicitly asked to hang upside down - a hint to the fact that Miles is kinda clueless. (00:41:20)

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