Crimes of the Future

Crimes of the Future (2022)


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Cope: I have a lump on my abdomen. You see it? Picasso? Duchamp? Francis Bacon, perhaps? Am I an artist?
Timlin: He takes the rebellion of his own body and seizes control of it. Shapes it, tattoos it, displays it, creates theater out of it. It has meaning, very potent meaning, and many, many people respond to it.

Saul Tenser: What I'm saying with that body art stuff is that I don't like what's happening with the body. In particular, what's happening with my body, which is why I keep cutting it up.

Router: Creation of art is often associated with pain.

Timlin: Surgery is the new sex. (00:28:15)

Caprice: We are creating meaning out of emptiness.

Continuity mistake: The top of Brecken's head was close to (within a few inches of) the headboard before his mother brought the pillow. When his mother put the pillow over his face and the camera shifted to a right-side rear view, the upper part of the bed was raised about 45°. When Lang Dotrice (Brecken's father) arrived and sat on his bed, the pillow used to smother Brecken was at least a foot away from the headboard and Brecken's head (still under the pillow) was about a yard away from the headboard. (00:04:05 - 00:07:16)


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Trivia: * "Quasi-Spoiler" * The mental or nutritional disorder wherein a person [or some animals, including dogs] eats/craves substances or objects that are not usually deemed to be "food" (or edible) is called "Pica." The word "Pica" is derived from ancient Latin and the bird "Magpie." Magpies have a reputation for eating almost anything/everything they can find, or have "indiscriminate tastes" and habits. Brecken, in this future world scenario, probably would not be diagnosed as having Pica. (00:03:28)


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